Stock Trolleys and Storage Containers: The Unsung Heroes of the Workplace Stock trolleys and the plastic containers that come with them are the unsung heroes of many a workplace, from warehouses to factories and workshops. They improve efficiency, they save space, and they can accommodate items of different shapes and sizes that can prove difficult […]

The Best Trolleys for Offices If you have ever worked in an office, you will know how easy the average office accumulates files, folders, and everything else you could imagine. If you work in a large building, these items might need to be transported to another department or stored appropriately, taking into account the fact […]

Use Trucks and Trolleys to See the Back of Injuries If your job involves frequent lifting and handling of heavy items, you are at an increased risk of back injuries. But back injuries can be avoided by using lifting and handling aids which can largely remove or reduce the risk. Why are injuries at work […]

Industry Focus: Mail services A busy mailroom in any office, hospital, or public building needs a safe and efficient way of moving large amounts of important mail and packages around, and what better way than a mail trolley? People expect their mail to be delivered on time, and the people delivering it need to be […]