Industry Focus: Mail services A busy mailroom in any office, hospital, or public building needs a safe and efficient way of moving large amounts of important mail and packages around, and what better way than a mail trolley? People expect their mail to be delivered on time, and the people delivering it need to be […]

Trolleys Industry Focus Healthcare In any general hospital, there are many departments, which carry out a wide variety of treatments and procedures. To carry out these procedures, safely and efficiently, equipment has to be moved between departments constantly. Using a trolley is the easiest way of doing so. In any health centre or hospital, space […]

Trolleys Industry Focus: The hospitality and catering industry When you think of trolleys, you might automatically think of them being used in warehouses, but in fact, they come in very handy in a number of different industries. Hospitality and catering are areas where trolleys have an essential part to play in the everyday running of […]

How to Choose the Right Trolley for Your Needs If you’re browsing our website, you will no doubt notice the quality of the products we have on offer. We stock one of the biggest ranges of trucks, trolleys, platforms, and carts you will find online, so you’re sure to find the product that best meets […]

Different Types Of Pallet Truck   A pallet truck is a pallet truck is a pallet truck, right? Well… no. Not quite. Although we may think of pallet trucks are being the go-to piece of equipment for moving anything and everything around the warehouse, yard, and even lorries, there are different types. Each different kind […]

Pallet Trucks Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint   Everyone wants to – or should want to – reduce their carbon footprint. It may seems as though offices and warehouses are behind the times when it comes to saving the planet, but there are ways and means to ensure that it happens, at least as much […]