New Year’s Safety Resolutions You Should Make for Your Business No matter how safe you consider your workplace to be, there’s always room for improvement. Health and safety is often one of those topics that is treated like a tick box exercise or that is met with eye rolls when it is discussed, but having […]

Get your Bar or Restaurant Ready for the Christmas Rush As Christmas party season gets into full swing, you’ll know that it’s the busiest time of the year by far for bars, clubs, and restaurants. If you run a business like this, you’ll love the sound of the tills ringing, but you know that the […]

How to Handle Gas Cylinders Safely Gas cylinders are used in many hospitals, laboratories, and industrial workplaces. Moving and handling gas cylinders is an inherently high-risk activity. They are not only filled with extremely flammable gases, they are very heavy too, as they are made from metal and built to withstand a lot of pressure. […]

The Top 10 Trucks and Trolleys You Should Have on Your Christmas Wishlist Now it’s November, and Halloween and bonfire night are out of the way, we can safely start talking about Christmas. If you run a business, it’s probably your busiest time of the year, and you can get easily overwhelmed. But what if […]

How to Run a Safe and Productive Industrial Workplace Keeping a busy workplace running smoothly takes a lot of time and effort, and it takes common sense, organisation, and investment in the right equipment to make sure it runs as efficiently, safely, and productively as possible. This is especially important in industrial working environments like […]

Make Light Work of Stairs and Steps with a Stairclimber Truck Whether it is your business premises that has stairs, or you have to carry things in and out of customers’ homes or premises, a regular sack truck is sometimes just not up to the job. Trying to take loads up staircases and stairways can […]