Have you ever gone to lift something at work on your own, knowing that you probably shouldn’t? If you’re short-staffed or need to get something done in a hurry, it’s tempting, but have you considered the possible consequences? Lifting something that’s too heavy can result in musculoskeletal injuries that require time off work. They can […]

The UK’s Top Ten Most Dangerous Industries When you’re looking for a job, you probably don’t consider how safe or not it is (unless you’re a stuntman!), but if you work in any of these industries, you should seriously consider making sure your life insurance is up to date! Counting down from 10, here are […]

Keep Your Classroom Organised With a Book Trolley If you’re a teacher and you mainly teach young children, the chances are you’ll have a story corner or library in the classroom. When everything’s organised it can look very inviting, but when it comes to kids and books, or kids and anything, really, it can be hard […]

14 Weird Workplace Accidents That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud You might think that workplace accidents are no laughing matter, until you see the responses given in a survey carried out by the good people at Office Genie, who asked ‘What’s the weirdest injury you’ve obtained at work?’ Here are some of our favourite […]

Sick Building Syndrome: Is Work Making You Ill? You might have complained about being sick of work, but have you ever been sick because of work? Sick building syndrome isn’t an illness or health condition per se, but it’s a set of health problems that you only experience when you’re in a certain building, like […]

A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Setting Up a Warehouse So you set up your own business and keeping stock in your garage or a storeroom at your premises was working out great, until your business started to grow. And now you’re panicking about where to keep everything. Maybe it’s time to set up a […]

How to Bring the Spirit of Christmas Into Your Workplace It’s a busy time of year for everyone, not just with the family at home but at work too, as the Christmas/end of year rush is in full swing. And it takes its toll on people’s stress levels. Many people feel stressed and anxious or […]

Prepare Your Business for the Christmas Rush Christmas is by far the busiest time of year for many businesses. Black Friday is on the horizon and with more and more big names going out of business, consumer cash is up for grabs among the companies who have survived. This is why it’s so important to […]