Need to gather waste in your workplace so you can keep things safe, tidy, and organised? Tilt trucks are just what you need. From packaging waste to heavy-duty waste like rubble, you can transport and dispose of them with ease. Here’s how they work.

What is a Tilt Truck and What are the Benefits of Using One?

Think of tilt trucks as a wheelbarrow with extra wheels. They make light work of transporting and dumping heavier loads in the workplace. If you’re thinking ‘Why not just use a wheelbarrow?’ consider these benefits of using a tilt truck;

  • It has an easy-to-use tilt mechanism that reduces strain on the operator;
  • The fixed and swivel castor wheels make it easy to control and manoeuvre;
  • You can get a tilt truck with a lid to keep the contents dry if you’re using it outdoors. There’s nothing worse than a pile of soggy cardboard;
  • Tilt trucks are easy to clean, lightweight, and virtually maintenance-free;
  • You can use them in a variety of workplace settings from warehouses to factories, offices, or retail;
  • An ergonomic handle means it can be safely used by one person;
  • Then there’s the biggie. Tilt trucks can make things much more efficient. Instead of carrying and dumping bags of waste all day long, workers can load up the tilt truck and take items to where they need to go.

How Do Tilt Trucks Work?

It’s super easy to use a tilt truck in your day-to-day operations. Just load it up with waste or materials, then push it to your disposal point. This could be another department or a recycling point. To empty the tilt truck, simply tip it forward and the contents will fall out. When the truck is in a tipped position, it’s easy to reach in and remove any stubborn items that haven’t come out.

Looking for Tilt Trucks?

Our Polypropylene Tilt Truck is perfect for collecting waste materials and moving bulky items around the workplace. It’s made from durable Polypropylene so it’s weather resistant and built to last. It comes with or without a lid. Top Tip- opt for a lid if you’re going to be using it outdoors. The British weather is notoriously changeable and you don’t want to have to deal with a pile of sopping wet waste. 

This hard-wearing tilt truck has a full-width tubular steel handle for easier handling. It’s also fitted with 2 fixed and 2 swivel castor wheels for easier manoeuvring across all terrains.

Is transporting and disposing of waste or moving heavy materials part of your daily operations? Do you despair at the clutter that’s often left lying around? Do you want a cost-effective solution to improving safety and efficiency? Tilt trucks are a great investment for any workplace. We hope you’ve found out everything you need to know in this article. However, if you do have any burning questions, our friendly sales team are always on hand to help. For more interesting articles on all things trucks and trolleys, check out the rest of our blog.