A scissor lift table is a platform which you can raise and lower to a desired height. This makes it perfect for working environments like warehouses where heavy goods need to be lifted and moved. Easily operated by a foot pump or hand crank, our scissor lift tables reduce injury risk from heavy lifting. Here’s how to use a scissor lift table safely. 

Safe use of a scissor lift table-top tips

Inspect it before use

As with any other lifting equipment, inspect your scissor lift table before use. Be sure to check for any cracks or damage in welds, wheels, or any of the other moving parts. If there are visible signs of damage, don’t use it.

Check the work area for obstacles and dangers

Before you use a scissor lift table, check the area where you’ll be using it. You must use the lift table on flat, solid ground for stability. You should also check for dangers overhead, like electrical wiring.

Make sure the scissor lift is tall enough

Using a scissor lift table safely also means making sure it reaches high enough for the job you need to do. Whether workers are going to be standing on it, or you’re lifting goods, don’t be tempted to use ladders or anything else to gain some extra height. It risks serious injury to workers or damage to goods. If it’s not tall enough for the job, find another solution!

Give workers training

Scissor lift tables are simple to use. However, it’s a good idea to make sure everyone who uses one has some training beforehand. The training should include how to inspect the lift table before use and guidance on safe operation.

Don’t overload the lift table

Abiding by the weight limit is important if you want to use a scissor lift table safely. While lift tables have a very generous capacity, you need to make it will take the weight of whatever you are moving or lifting. Trying to get the job done faster by cutting corners rarely ends well. Especially in demanding work environments like warehouses and factories.

Looking for a scissor lift table?

If you need to lift and move heavy items day to day, scissor lift tables are a workplace essential. Made from high-quality materials and compliant with strict safety standards, they won’t let you down. Enabling you to lift and move loads of up to 1000kg, these simple-to-use lifting aids take the effort and injury risk out of heavy lifting.To find out more about our single and double scissor lift tables, get in touch with our friendly expert sales team who’ll be happy to answer your questions. For more interesting articles on manual handling and workplace safety, check out the rest of our blog.