Whenever you’re moving heavy goods at home or in the workplace, you need the right equipment for the job. Not sure what your number one choice should be? If you want to avoid damaging goods, move things quicker, and save your back, check out wooden dollys.

What is a Wooden Dolly?

Think of a wooden dolly as a platform on wheels. They often have an anti-slip surface and you can use them to safely move furniture, office supplies, heavy boxes, and more. Wooden dollys may be small, simple, and lightweight but they are mighty. The dollys in our range have a capacity of up to 240kg.

Using Wooden Dollys to Move Heavy or Awkward Goods

  • Need to make sure your furniture gets to the removal van without a hitch?
  • Want to move heavy goods around a large warehouse?
  • Need to take bulky boxes to an office in another department?

Whatever you need to move, wooden dollys can help make light work of it. Here’s how to use wooden dollys safely:

Moving boxes or heavy goods in the workplace?

  • Make sure you have a clear path from A to B;
  • Stack the heaviest/largest item on first;
  • Create a balanced stack of boxes or goods so nothing falls off in transit;
  • It’s a good idea to keep one hand on top of the load while you push the dolly to where you need to go.

Moving furniture at home?

  • Clear any obstacles from your path;
  • If you’re moving dressing tables or chests of drawers, take the drawers out.
  • If you’re moving anything with doors, it’s a good idea to strap them shut;
  • Moving a bookcase? Load items like this onto wooden dollys on their side. Moving a desk or dressing table? Transport it upside down;
  • Move the dolly close to your furniture;
  • Enlist a willing helper to help you lift your furniture onto the dolly-make sure it’s well balanced;
  • Push the dolly carefully to roll it to where you need to go. Have your helper steer it from the front.

Looking for Wooden Dollys to Make Your Life Easier?

Need to move heavy goods around your office, school, warehouse, or workshop every day? Take some of the stress and strain out of it by investing in a couple of lightweight high-quality wooden dollys. Our wooden dollys are durable, equipped with anti-slip features to protect your goods, and can handle loads of up to 240kg. Hard-wearing swivel castors help you move the dollies across any smooth surface so you can move heavy and awkward goods with ease.

Want to get the job done faster and save your back? Talk to one of our friendly sales team about helping you find the wooden dollys you need. For more interesting articles on all things trucks, trolleys, and safe lifting and handling, check out the rest of our blog.