Curbs, steps, and stairways are the arch nemesis of anyone who needs to lift and move heavy goods. However, they needn’t be a problem. Do you need to move heavy goods up flights of stairs in the workplace? Are you a delivery driver with multi-level deliveries to make? A stairclimber will take the stress and strain out of it.

What is a Stairclimber and How Does it Work?

Are you familiar with the classic sack truck? You’ll know that it has a flat platform (toe plate), a strong frame, and two wheels. A stairclimber is similar in design. However, instead of one wheel on each side of the toe plate, there are three. The wheels are fitted in a rotating triangle formation and this is what makes it perfect for going up and down stairs. Let us explain.

When you need to move up or down steps or stairs, as you pull the truck up against the riser, the upper wheels help you move the load up or down the step. The triangle formation rotates so that the wheels are always in contact with the steps. This makes moving the load easier and helps you stay in control if it.

Why Would I Use A Stairclimber?

Like its other sack truck cousins, a stairclimber is designed to reduce injuries from lifting and moving heavy goods. A good quality stairclimber truck also helps avoid damage to goods and improves productivity. How many trips would it take to carry several heavy boxes up flights of stairs? Why not use a stairclimber and turn several trips into one?

Need to move heavy goods like boxes, cylinders, or stacks of chairs up and down stairs in your workplace? Investing in a stairclimber makes a lot of sense. They’re also essential for delivery drivers who regularly make multi-level deliveries.

Stairclimbers: What are My Options?

In our range, you’ll find a stairclimber truck to suit your needs. Got limited storage space or need a truck that fits in a works van? Consider a folding toe stairclimber truck that folds up neatly when not in use. Need a lightweight yet strong truck for lugging goods up multiple levels? An aluminium stairclimber truck has a light frame but it’s strong enough to support heavy loads.

Need something else? There’s more where they came from. Take a look at our range of stairclimber trucks and see what takes your fancy. Every truck in our range is made from premium materials and meets stringent European safety standards. There’s also a manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind that your new kit makes the grade and is built to last.

Need a Piece of Kit That Does All the Heavy Lifting for You?

Whether you’re in a warehouse, you’re a delivery driver, or you move heavy goods up and down stairs in any other professional environment, a stairclimber truck is essential. Moving goods up and down curbs, stairs, and steps need no longer fill you with dread or make you worry about putting your back out!

For more interesting articles on moving, handling, and the trucks you need in your business, check out the rest of our blog. Got any more questions about stairclimbers or any of our other trucks and trolleys? Get in touch with our friendly sales team on 01684 252 212 and we’ll be happy to help!