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Our Ultimate Guide to the Platform Trolleys You Need

October 10, 2019

If heavy, awkward, and bulky items have to be lifted and transported day to day in your workplace, then expecting people to move them by hand is just not realistic. To get the job done faster and safer, you need to invest in a manual handling aid.

As manual handling aids go, the platform trolley is a good all-rounder. Platform trolleys have a plastic, wooden, or metal platform and wheels to make the transportation of heavy or awkward goods much easier. You’ll find that some platform trolleys have sides fitted to keep goods secure in transit.

Our platform trolleys

Okay, so you think you need a platform trolley, but what type? We’ve put together a handy guide on the amazing platform trolleys in our range.

In our exclusive Platform Trolley & Trucks Collection, you’ll find a huge selection of platform trolleys from aluminium platform trolleys to plastic platform trollies, folding platform trucks, wooden platform trollies, and wheeled dollies, and many of them are made right here in the UK.

If you need to move heavy boxes, steel drums, bulky loads, stacks of chairs, and everyday items, platform trolleys will make light work of the task. You have plenty of load capacities, wheel choices, and braking options to choose from, so you’ll find your perfect piece of kit, whatever industry you’re in.

Our Wooden Platform Trolleys are a best-seller and for good reason. They will transform the way you move goods around the workplace. They are a great investment for offices, warehouses, factories, hospitals, and industrial environments where heavy goods are lifted on a daily basis.

Wooden Platform Trolleys are available in a variety of different variations, from double-ended trolleys to mesh-sided platform trolleys, tubular-sided trolleys, and folding wooden platform trucks.

These trolleys are the perfect choice for moving heavy boxes, bulky items, tools, books, stationery, and everyday items. They reliable, built to last, and fully mobile on multi-directional wheels.

Our Rubberised Platform Trolleys are an essential piece of equipment for more demanding working environments such as factories, warehouses, industrial sites, and agricultural landscapes where heavy and unstable loads are moved daily. No matter the size of your business, they’re a great investment. They are made with robust materials and come with a non-slip platform to keep goods from moving during transit.

These trucks can move easily across more challenging terrain as they are elevated on large swivel castor wheels. They also have an integrated push/pull handle for easy handling. This is the trolley for you if you have to move heavy tools, machinery, deliveries, and everyday items around your workplace. They’re easy to move, even when loaded to capacity (which is a generous 300kg), and are easily cleaned after use.

If you need a cost-effective transportation solution for your business, our Plastic Platform Trolleys are a perfect choice. They are available in different sizes and designs to complement any working environment.

They are elevated on multi-directional wheels for effortless manoeuvrability, and there are foldaway versions if space is limited.

Plastic platform trolleys can be easily cleaned with antibacterial detergents, so they are a good choice if good hygiene is essential in your workplace. Many items in our range are made in the UK, and there’s a trolley to suit every budget.

Folding Trolleys are your product of choice if heavy boxes and bulky loads are moved throughout the working day. In our range, you’ll find a huge selection of foldable platform trolleys from simple wooden platform trucks to deluxe folding platform trolleys, heavy-duty folding trolleys, and rough terrain trolleys for more demanding jobs and environments.

They’re Ideal for warehouses, workshops, universities, and factories, and they’re easy and comfortable to move and handle due to their multi-directional wheels and ergonomic handle.

They are perfect for transporting machinery, tools, boxes of stationery, books, or even furniture in both domestic and commercial settings.

Steel Platform Trolleys are the trolleys for you if durability is your main concern. They are perfect for daily use in demanding working environments such as factories, garages, warehouses, and hospitals. They are made from high-quality materials, equipped with multi-directional wheels for easy manoeuvrability, and they can effortlessly handle loads of up to 500kg.

They can be used indoors and outdoors, they have push/pull handles for easy handling, and many of the trolleys in our range are customisable with side and end panels to suit your needs.

Our Aluminium Platform Trolleys are lightweight, portable, and are suitable for a variety of jobs. They are a popular choice for schools, warehouses, storerooms, and professional working environments such as hospitals and laboratories. They are durable, corrosion-resistant, and require minimal maintenance.

In our range you’ll find everything from multi-position trolleys to folding trucks, and classic aluminium platform trolleys which will make light work of transporting your heavy loads. Many models are made in the UK and meet both British and European safety and quality standards. They are easy to manoeuvre on multi-directional wheels and fold neatly for storage when not in use.

Dollies and Dolly Trolleys are great for moving goods in space-restricted areas. They are a good choice for workplaces and the home and are made from top-quality materials. They are designed to make light work of lifting loads, whether they are heavy, or standard everyday items.

They are perfect for smaller offices, storerooms, schools, libraries, workshops, and restaurants. They are lightweight and easy to store in any storeroom or cupboard, and they are fully mobile on multi-directional wheels.

Still confused about which platform trolley to choose? Contact our expert sales team on 01684 252212 or at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!