Aluminium Platform

Aluminium Platform Trolleys are lightweight, portable, and designed to suit a wide range of applications. A popular transportation system for offices, schools, warehouses, storerooms, and professional working environments such as hospitals and laboratories, they are robust, corrosion-resistant, and require minimal maintenance.

In our Aluminium Platform Trolley Collection, you’ll find a variety of multi-position trolleys, folding trucks, and classic aluminium platform trolleys to transport your heavy loads. Many models are made and manufactured right here in the UK and meet both British and European safety standards for peace of mind.

Ideal for transporting heavy goods around the workplace, Aluminium Platform Trolleys are easy to manoeuvre on multi-directional wheels and fold neatly for storage when not in use. An investment for the workplace and the home, aluminium folding platform trucks are a low-cost handling solution for moving bulkier items.

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