Plastic Platform

Plastic Platform Trolleys provide a cost-effective transportation solution for businesses big and small. Available in a choice of sizes and designs to complement all commercial environments, our Plastic Platform Trolleys, Modular Trolley/Dolly Systems, Foldaway Plastic Trolleys, and Heavy-Duty Plastic Platform Trucks are made from top-quality materials and many can be customised with optional end panels and sides to create the perfect trolley for any workplace.

Elevated on multi-directional wheels for effortless navigation, our Plastic Platform Trolleys are ideal for moving heavy boxes, bulky tools, stacks of chairs, deliveries, and everyday items around the workplace. There are foldaway trolley options for those with limited storage space, and Phenolic Platform Trucks for moving loads of up to 500kg.

Plastic Platform Trolleys and Trucks can be washed down with antibacterial detergents, and so they are well-suited to hygiene sensitive environments such as hospitals, residential care homes, and laboratories. They are priced to suit every budget, and many models in our exclusive online collection are made right here in the UK.

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