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Pallet Truck Versus Pallet Dolly: Which is Best For Your Business

If you own or manage a warehouse or factory, you’re probably familiar with pallet trucks. They are a great piece of equipment for warehouses, distribution centres, delivery depots, storage facilities, factories, and just about anywhere else where heavy loads are transported throughout the working day. They help speed up productivity and remove the need for […]

10 Shelf and Tray Trolleys You Need Whatever Industry You’re In

Shelf and Tray Trolleys are a workplace essential. They help keep things organised and they’re also very handy for mobile storage. You can buy them in a wide range of sizes and designs to suit any business and any work task. They are ideal for factories, warehouses, delivery depots, schools, hospitals, laboratories, and manufacturing plants; […]

How to Improve Workplace Safety When You’re on a Budget

Having a safe workplace is not only a legal obligation, keeping your employees safe from harm is the right thing to do, morally and financially. If you’re a small business, managing safety is even more important, because a few employees being off sick, or compensation payments for injuries sustained at work can be enough to […]

Our Ultimate Guide to the Platform Trolleys You Need

If heavy, awkward, and bulky items have to be lifted and transported day to day in your workplace, then expecting people to move them by hand is just not realistic. To get the job done faster and safer, you need to invest in a manual handling aid. As manual handling aids go, the platform trolley […]

Manual Handling Made Easy with Trucks and Trolleys

How many of your employees have had time off from work because they injured themselves moving or lifting something? Yes, you might put everyone through manual handling training, but the temptation in a busy workplace is to forget the good lifting technique or asking for help so you can get the job done. The Health […]