Shelf and Tray Trolleys are a workplace essential. They help keep things organised and they’re also very handy for mobile storage. You can buy them in a wide range of sizes and designs to suit any business and any work task.

They are ideal for factories, warehouses, delivery depots, schools, hospitals, laboratories, and manufacturing plants; in fact, they are perfect for any business where items have to be moved, picked, organised and distributed on a daily basis.

But which trolley would suit you? We’ve put together this handy guide to 10 shelf and tray trolleys you need, whatever industry you’re in.

Are you a mechanic who needs to pick and move parts around in a garage?

Then you need these 2 and 3 Shelf Transport Shelves

These transport carts are made from high quality materials and are a cost effective solution for transporting heavy goods and multiple items around the workplace. If you’re working on a car and know which parts you need, you don’t want to be going backwards and forwards to the stockroom; your customer wants their car fixed sooner rather than later.

This trolley is also perfect for use in schools, warehouses, care homes and workshops and is available in a 2 or 3 shelf configuration.

Thermoplastic rubber castor wheels make it easy to manoeuvre across smooth surfaces. Two of the wheels have brakes to secure the trolley when loading and unloading.  Specially formed aluminium uprights and ribbed plastic shelves makes this trolley strong, durable, and excellent value for money.

Are you responsible for collecting and distributing the mail in your office?

Well, forget tweaking your back trying to lug parcels and letters between departments and floors.

Our 2 Tier Basket or Tray Trolley comes with your choice of 2 wire baskets or 2 steel trays and is Ideal for transporting smaller items in the workplace. It has red epoxy powder coated steel framework, an integrated push/pull handle, 4 swivel castor wheels, and a generous weight load capacity of 100kg.

It’s a popular choice for mailrooms, schools, offices, workshops, and garages, as it removes the need for heavy lifting and speeds up productivity.

Are you a handyman who has to travel all over a building with your trusty tools?

Well our 3 Shelf Trolley with Drawer and Cabinet is right up your street. It’s one of our best-sellers and is an essential for warehouse operatives, technicians, mechanics, and maintenance workers who require a portable workstation.

It’s made from top quality materials and has durable aluminium uprights, three robust plastic shelves, push/pull handles at both ends for improved manoeuvrability, and swivel castor wheels that glide across the floor, even when the trolley is loaded to its generous 150kg capacity. What’s more, the trolley has a lockable cabinet so your precious tools won’t go walkies and a lockable drawer complete with an anti-theft locking mechanism and 4 keys.

Are you a school secretary who has to collect and distribute class registers, files, and mail?

Our 3 Tier Basket or Tray Trolley is your friend. It’s made here in the UK and it will make light work of collecting things from, and delivering things to classrooms. It’s made from the finest red epoxy powder coated steel, it’s equipped with an integrated handle, and it’s supplied with your choice of 2 wire baskets or 2 steel trays.

It’s fully mobile on 4 non-marking swivel castor wheels, and it glides along smooth floor surfaces even when it’s loaded to capacity. The lower shelf allows you to store and transport heavier items. No more carrying a pile of registers or files for you.

Are you a craftsman in a workshop who is fed up of hunting high and low for fiddly parts?

Well our 46 Container Trolley is the perfect storage solution for your nuts, bolts, screws, and other small parts. It has 46 robust yellow polypropylene containers; 30 x medium containers and 16 x large containers set within a black steel framework. It’s the perfect way to organise and store your small parts easily and efficiently.

Do you work in manufacturing and have to constantly hunt for the exact tools you need at your workstation?

Well you don’t any longer.

Just pop the tools you need for the job on an Adjustable Height Trolley and you’re good to go. These trolleys can be customised to suit every workplace, they’re made from hard-wearing steel and they have 20-gauge shelves with rounded edges for improved strength, height adjustable 14-gauge legs, and a ribbed rubber mat on the top shelf to prevent loads from slipping during transit.

They’re quipped with 4 swivel castors, 2 of which are braked to secure the trolley when required. This makes them glide with ease across smooth floor surfaces.

Do you own or manage a demanding industrial business and need heavy duty equipment that won’t let you down?

Our Blue Multi-Purpose Trolley is suitable for use in demanding working environments such as garages, workshops, warehouses, and maintenance departments. They’re made from tough polyethylene and come equipped with non-marking rubber wheels for optimal manoeuvrability across all floor surfaces.

They’re ergonomic, ideal for space restricted areas, feature an integrated push pull handle, and come with your choice of either 2 or 3 storage trays. They are non-conductive and highly- resistant against most acids, detergents, and corrosive substances so they’ll stand the test of the most demanding working environments. Best of all, they come with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee, making them a great investment for every professional workplace.

Are you an office manager who desperately wants to make use of every inch of precious space in a stock room or stationery cupboard?

Our Board Shelf Trolley has 4 shelves, a generous load capacity of 250kg and allows for easy use of vertical storage space for essentials you don’t want to lose. It’s constructed from a tubular and angled steel frame and has derived timber board shelves. It’s easy to manoeuvre on 4 castors, (2 of which have brakes), and it has non-marking grey TPE wheels.

Are you a librarian who has to move heavy hardback books around all day?

Do your job quicker and more easily with our Budget Shelf Trucks. They are fantastic value for money and they make light work of transporting heavy items from one place to another.

They’re made with a heavy-duty tubular steel frame and are equipped with ergonomic push pull handles and veneer shelves. You can choose from 4 designs to complement your working environment. These trolleys are fully mobile on 2 fixed and 2 swivel braked rubber castors.

Are you a teacher or lecturer who has to move items between classes and departments all day long?

Maybe you need to transport text books or science equipment? Say hello to your new favourite piece of kit, our Budget Veneer Shelf Trucks.

They are available with 2 or 3 shelves to suit your needs and they are the number one choice for schools, universities, offices, workshops, and smaller warehouses where heavy items are transported throughout the working day.

They are made from quality materials, and have a tubular steel framework, an integrated push/pull handle to facilitate manoeuvrability, sleek veneer shelves, and they are fully mobile on swivel castor wheels. With a generous load capacity of 500kg, these Budget Shelf Trucks are suitable for even the most demanding lifting jobs, yet they are priced to suit a tight budget.

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