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How to Make Delivering Goods Safer Delivering goods safely is about more than manual handling, though it is a big part of the job. Delivery drivers have to encounter constantly changing situations and delivery locations, so sensible judgements need to be made about the safety of each delivery they make. Things to consider when delivering […]

The Advantages of Using Stackers   A stacker is a pallet truck which can help you stack pallets at height. There are several different types of stacker and they can be either fully powered, semi-electric, or manual. They are most often used for moving and lifting pallets where a forklift isn’t needed, like in store […]

Manual Handling: The Art of Safer Lifting Manual handling covers many work activities like lifting, pushing, pulling, holding, and carrying. Manual handling tasks are often repetitive and can include things like packing, assembling, and using machinery and equipment. Most jobs involve some kind of manual handling, so most workers are at risk of injury. You […]