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How to Make Delivering Goods Safer

April 30, 2018

How to Make Delivering Goods Safer

Delivering goods safely is about more than manual handling, though it is a big part of the job. Delivery drivers have to encounter constantly changing situations and delivery locations, so sensible judgements need to be made about the safety of each delivery they make.

Things to consider when delivering goods

These are the things that a delivery driver has to consider every time they deliver goods:

  • The goods have to be loaded to suit the delivery schedule, so goods need to be easily accessible and organised
  • The vehicle has to be driven safely and parked in often challenging conditions or locations which are difficult to access
  • The security of the vehicle must also be considered
  • Customers need to receive their goods in a timely manner and in good condition

Executing a perfect delivery

Here’s how to make deliveries go much more smoothly, every time:

Assembling the load

If you load your vehicle logically, it will make your job a whole lot easier. A delivery driver is responsible for the safety of the load and the vehicle. Remember that mixed pallet loads are more likely to move in transit, and generally, loads stacked in columns are less stable.

Only lift loads that you are capable of lifting and be careful when getting on and off the vehicle bed. Use a tail-lift or pallet truck to lift loads, and use other lifting aids where possible, like stairclimbers and ramps.

Check your vehicle

Before you take your vehicle out, check tyres and wheels, the lights, fluid levels, and check that the load is secure.

Wear protective clothing

This will help you stay as safe as possible throughout your working day. You should have safety shoes or boots with toe and ankle protection, high visibility clothing, and gloves to help you get a good grip on goods.

Drive safely

Be particularly careful when you’re reversing. If you need to, get someone to guide your vehicle in, especially if you are trying to get into a tight space. Always be a safe and considerate driver and take regular breaks so you don’t become too fatigued.

The delivery destination

Consider any hazards you might have to face such as narrow entrances, difficult access, steps and stairs, and restricted spaces. The owner of the site you’re delivering goods to is responsible for maintaining health and safety and giving you safe access to make your delivery. Remember that you should be risk-assessing the safety of deliveries as you go, so always take poor weather, traffic congestion, and road works into consideration.

Delivering the load

Many accidents are caused by tripping over goods, packaging, or wrapping on the vehicle bed, so make sure you keep it free from trip hazards. Always make sure you have enough space to work in and when lifting goods, use good technique. Secure any remaining goods before you set off for your next delivery if necessary.