Monthly Archives: March 2018

Think Health and Safety Isn’t Important? Think Again If you’re one of those people that rolls your eyes when health and safety is mentioned in your workplace, you’re probably not alone. But no matter how much the rules and regulations make you want to tear your hair out, they’re there for a reason. 137 workers […]

Make DIY a Breeze with the Right Trolley If you own a DIY store or you work in one, you’ll know that you’re coming up to one of your busiest times of the year. The Easter Weekend is a prime time for people across Britain to tackle some of the jobs they’ve been meaning to […]

Spring Clean your Workplace to Be More Productive When you think of spring cleaning, you probably think about going through your house to spruce up the areas you might not get a chance to clean regularly, but what about spring cleaning your workplace to make it more productive? Workplace cleaning can be cleaning your office […]

Minimising Disruption to Your Business in Severe Weather In the UK, we’re always talking about the weather, and sometimes it’s for good reason. Lighter nights and sunnier days got us thinking that spring was on its way, then suddenly, Siberia decided we needed some snow. If you’re indoors watching it out of the window, you’ll […]