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March 19, 2018

Make DIY a Breeze with the Right Trolley

If you own a DIY store or you work in one, you’ll know that you’re coming up to one of your busiest times of the year. The Easter Weekend is a prime time for people across Britain to tackle some of the jobs they’ve been meaning to get around to. Some jobs are best left to the professionals, but here are some of the most popular jobs that people usually decide to tackle themselves.

Giving a new lease of life to wooden furniture

Wooden garden furniture will get a new lease of life if you give it a lick of paint or you treat it with a wood stain. Use a wire brush or sandpaper to scrub away any splintered wood or chipped paint then cover any cracks or holes with a wood filler. Leave this overnight, then wipe the furniture down with a damp cloth before applying a layer of exterior primer. Once this is dry, apply a coat of exterior paint in the colour of your choice.

Re-grouting tiles

When grout is discoloured, it makes a room look tired and dirty. Refresh kitchens and bathrooms by using a waterproof adhesive to re-grout between tiles. Scrape out any old grout with a scraping tool, then wipe the area clean and apply the new grout. Remove any excess grout with your finger. Give the tiles a final wipe over with a damp cloth and marvel at how fresh your room looks.

Oiling squeaky doors

This might seem like a trivial thing, but if a door in your house sounds like a coffin lid, it can drive you to distraction. All you need to do is oil your hinge pins with WD40 or a similar product.


A fresh coat of paint can take a room from tired and dated to modern and bright. Clean the walls and make sure you have a smooth canvas before applying a new coat of paint. If using a brush is too much of an arduous task, you can buy an airless sprayer which will help you get the job done in no time!

Trolleys fit for a DIY store

When Britain goes DIY mad, you need to be able to cater for the masses who’ll be descending on your stores. Give your customers a robust and easy way to manoeuvre things around your store after they’ve chosen what they need or make life easier for your staff with our DIY trolleys. Here are some of our best;

DIY Trolleys with Wire Basket

This trolley comes in two different lengths to suit a wide range of working environments. It has a robust steel frame, a wide platform for larger items, and a wire basket for smaller items which makes it ideal for transporting heavy items like tools and DIY supplies. Its 4 swivel castor wheels help it glide across floor surfaces easily, even when it’s fully loaded.

Fully Welded DIY Trolley

This UK made trolley is ergonomically designed and made from top quality materials. It’s made from fully welded steel and it has a sturdy platform, two upright supports for easy transport of items like doors and panels, and three tubular supports to stop smaller items from sliding off the trolley when it’s moving. This trolley makes light work of heavy lifting.

DIY Sectioned Trolley

This trolley makes moving doors, large boxes, and other bulky items a breeze. It has a tubular steel framework, with rounded corners, a plywood deck with a load capacity of 450kg, and 4 castor wheels which help it glide across the floor with ease. It’s finished in red powder coasted epoxy, and it’s rust and weather resistant.