Monthly Archives: September 2017

Make Light Work of Stairs and Steps with a Stairclimber Truck Whether it is your business premises that has stairs, or you have to carry things in and out of customers’ homes or premises, a regular sack truck is sometimes just not up to the job. Trying to take loads up staircases and stairways can […]

Moving to A New House? How to Move Heavy Items Safely Moving to a new house is always a stressful event. There’s the packing, the preparation, and finally moving your possessions to your new place. You hope everything goes smoothly, and it should do, with a little preparation and care. Having to move heavy items […]

Essential Back to School Trolleys for the New Term It’s that time of year again, the summer holidays are a distant memory and a new school year has begun. Schools need a never ending supply of equipment and books, and this means that to keep everything running smoothly, equipment like trolleys are needed to move […]