Flatbed or wooden platform trolleys are a simple and unassuming piece of manual handling equipment, but when you invest in one, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

They’re an essential for warehouses, factories, and pretty much anywhere where materials need to be moved throughout the day. For busy workplaces, efficiency and productivity is key, and this piece of kit makes materials handling safer, faster, and more efficient.

Not only that, being able to load your goods onto a stable platform and easily transport them results in much less potential damage to goods and materials, and less waste.

What are flatbed/wooden platform trolleys?

Flatbed/wooden platform trolleys have a platform where items can be placed so they can be moved to another location. They have handles and swivel wheels that make them easy to manoeuvre, even when loaded to capacity.

So, you want to invest in a flatbed/wooden platform Trolley?

It’s not enough to just buy any old trolley, you have to know how to get the best out of it. Here’s how:

Think about what type of platform trolley you’ll need

Models vary in height and load capacity, and some have mesh sides to give your goods some extra support. Do you need a trolley that can handle long or bulky goods? Take this into account when choosing your trolley.

Make sure walkways are kept free from obstructions

There’s not much point in investing in a piece of equipment to make your operations more efficient if there’s no clear pathway to manoeuvre the goods through once they are on the trolley. Keep walkways clear and free from obstructions so your platform trolley can be moved with ease.

Keep in mind what sort of load capacity you’ll need

Trolleys should not be loaded above their maximum capacity as this can cause injury to workers and damage to the trolley and goods. Help employees understand what the load capacity is and what it means; so for example, a trolley with a maximum capacity of 200kg would be able to accommodate 8 boxes or flatpacks weighing 25kg each.

Keep your platform trolley well-maintained

Trolleys should be well maintained, just like any other pieces of equipment you use in your day to day operations. If they aren’t maintained, they could become unsafe for employees to use, and the potential need to replace the trolley and/or any damaged goods could be very costly.

Train your employees on how to handle the trolley

As well as statutory manual handling training, employees should be trained on how to use every new piece of equipment you buy. Make sure employees know how to steer and handle the trolley and what its load capacity is. Proper training can reduce the risk of injury or damage to goods and equipment.

Our most popular flatbed/wooden platform trolleys

Our best-selling wooden platform trolleys will transform the way you move goods around the workplace. They’re a great investment for offices, warehouses, factories, hospitals, and industrial environments where heavy lifting is a big part of the working day. Our wooden platform trolleys are well-made, come in a range of sizes to suit every job, and are designed to speed up productivity while reducing the risk of lifting injuries.

In our collection, you’ll find double-ended trolleys, mesh-sided platform trolleys, tubular-sided trolleys, and folding wooden platform trucks.

They’re ideal for moving heavy boxes, bulky items, tools, books, stationery, and everyday deliveries, and they are robust, reliable, and fully mobile on multi-directional wheels.

Our Fort Platform Truck is made from robust powder coated steel and is equipped with a solid wooden platform. It’s a great investment for busy working environments such as warehouses, schools, offices, and all indoor applications where heavy items are moved on a regular basis.

This popular truck is equipped with 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors for improved manoeuvrability across all floor surfaces and it has a generous capacity of 500 kg, which makes it ideal for transporting heavy boxes and bulky items with a minimal amount of man power.

Product Specifications

Manufactured in the UK

5 Year guarantee

Load capacity 500 kg

Our Veneer Platform Trolley with Mesh Sides can be customised to suit every working environment. It can be transformed with the additional purchase of side panels and end panels to create the perfect trolley for the job at hand.

It’s made from tough, powder-coated steel, it features a veneer platform with a generous loading capacity of 500kg, 2 fixed casters and 2 swivel braked castors for improved mobility across all floor surfaces, and an ergonomic handle that makes pushing and pulling easy.  It’s a great investment for offices, schools, warehouses, and loading bays, and it offers exceptional value for money.

Product Specifications

Platform height 270 mm

Overall size H 1050 x L 1300 mm

Our Fort Platform Trolley with Plywood is a best-seller and it is specifically designed for moving heavy loads.  It’s made from high grade tubular steel, it features a powder-coated frame, an ergonomic handle, 2 fixed castors and 2 braked swivel castors for maximum control across all smooth floor surfaces, and a solid plywood platform with a weight load capacity of 500kg.

It’s ideal for transporting heavy boxes, bulky items, and even smaller pieces of furniture such as chairs and desks, so it’s a popular choice for schools, warehouses, universities, and office environments. It comes in 5 size options and is customisable.

Product Specifications

Manufactured in the UK

5 Year manufactures guarantee

Load capacity 500 kg

If you would like to know more about our wooden platform trolleys or any of the other trucks and trolleys in our high-quality value for money range, contact our expert sales team on 01684 252212 or at [email protected]