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May 22, 2018

Weigh and Move Goods at the Same Time with a Weigh Scale Pallet Truck

A pallet truck scale is often used in warehouses, shipping areas, and other industrial environments to lift, move, and weigh goods all at the same time. This really helps to speed up business operations as there’s no need for goods to be taken elsewhere to be weighed before they are dispatched, and there’s less risk of lorries and other vehicles being overloaded with goods.

The benefits of using a weigh scale pallet truck 

  • It can prevent accidents or damage to machinery by accurately weighing boxes, containers, and goods on pallet before they are dispatched or stored. This is important in warehouses, where multiple pallets are often stored on racks and pallets should not be overstocked.
  • It can improve productivity. Being able to move and weigh items at the same time reduces the time it takes to load and handle each batch of goods.
  • They are easy to operate. They are usually operated by a large handle and they’re perfect for use where space is at a premium.

How to operate a weigh scale pallet truck

  • Make sure that the pallet truck is positioned on a flat, stable surface.
  • Carefully add load onto the forklift beams.
  • The built-in scale will weigh the goods and show this on a display.
  • If you are weighing several items, stack the loads carefully and wait until the weight load display is stable before adding any more load.
  • Once your items are stacked securely, they can be dispatched.

Our weigh scale pallet trucks

Premium Weigh Scale Pallet Truck

This is the Rolls Royce of our weigh scale pallet trucks. It’s robust, reliable, and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and it’s perfect for any industrial environment where heavy loads need to be weighed and moved regularly. This truck is made from the highest quality materials, is CE marked and plated, and it has a load capacity of 2000kg.

The truck’s large display unit is powered with 2 standard AA/LR6 batteries and has an accuracy rate of +/- 1%. The polyurethane steering wheels and tandem rollers make it easy to manoeuvre, and because it’s waterproof, it can be washed down with a hose to keep it looking shiny and new for longer.

Weigh Scale Pallet Truck

This truck is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is the perfect piece of equipment for lorry drivers and warehouse staff who need to weigh and move heavy loads. This truck has a very accurate weigh scale, with an accuracy rate of just 0.5kg either way. It’s water-resistant and dust proof to IP65, and its long list of impressive specifications means that it will really improve performance and productivity in your workplace.

The polyurethane steering wheels and tandem rollers move effortlessly across smooth floor surfaces, and it has an ergonomic handle with an integrated locking mechanism, which can be operated with one hand.