Use Trucks and Trolleys to See the Back of Injuries

If your job involves frequent lifting and handling of heavy items, you are at an increased risk of back injuries. But back injuries can be avoided by using lifting and handling aids which can largely remove or reduce the risk.

Why are injuries at work an issue?

Back injuries caused by manual handling are a common cause of sickness absence from work in the UK. But they are largely preventable, and so implementing preventative measures can be cost effective, and it protects workers.

Examples of the effects of injury from incorrect manual handling

  • In just one year, one company lost a total of 373 working days because of injuries that occurred due to manual handling. A total of around £24,000 was paid to workers in occupational sick pay, whereas an expenditure of just £5000 allowed for the introduction of manual handling aids, training for workers, and a rehabilitation programme. This also reduced the number of working days lost to 74.
  • A worker suffered back pain from repetitive heavy lifting. He was off work for 8 weeks on sick pay. He could not carry out his usual leisure activities and feared he wouldn’t be able to return to work. The company he worked for installed a hoist which meant that nobody would have to manually handle items.

What to consider when purchasing manual handling equipment

  • Involve employees and safety reps in discussions about purchasing equipment so that everyone can have a say on what is needed and what will work practically.
  • Seek advice from equipment suppliers about exactly what is suitable for your business.
  • Check equipment is quality tested and you have selected appropriate equipment for the loads you will be handling.
  • Think about what maintenance will be required and how often it needs to be carried out.
  • Think about whether the equipment will be suitable for the work area it is going to be operated in, for example, is it suitable for the ground surface it will be operating on?
  • Think about what training will be needed.

How trucks and trolleys can help you say goodbye to injuries

Any industry which uses manual handling in its day to day operations would benefit from using a truck or trolley to help reduce the risk of injury that comes from lifting heavy loads. Here’s a guide to trucks and trolleys and why they are so useful to help you carry out tasks:

Moving goods that are on a pallet

If your company gets large deliveries, you will notice that they usually arrive on a pallet. A pallet truck can help you to move all of the goods to your warehouse or stores, quickly and safely.

Pallet trucks are simple pieces of equipment, but they are also cleverly designed. They have 2 prongs at the front, and they slide under the pallet so it can be lifted. Pallet trucks can usually lift up to 2500kg.

Manual handling when you need to negotiate stairs

Sack trucks come in a variety of different designs. Some fold up for easy storage, and some are designed to make light work of taking goods up a flight of stairs.

When you need to move smaller items in an office environment

Use a shelf trolley. These trolleys are very versatile, and are perfect for moving a lot of small items. They are mainly made from plastic, so they are easy to move and they are lightweight.

You work in retail, distribution or cash and carry

If you work in an environment where you need to store lots of items, but storage space is at a premium, you can get trolleys that nest together to reduce the amount of space it requires to house them.

Lighter models are excellent for retail and distribution, and the heavier models are great for cash and carry outlets, where more items often need to be moved in one go.

You need to transport awkward loads such as sheets of wood, metal, or rolls

If you need to move items that are long or wide such as sheets of wood or metal, there are a number of trolleys that can make your job easier.

Wide load trolleys: these can be adjusted so you can move wide or narrow objects safely.

Balanced board trolley: these are perfect for moving large loads and panels.

Multipurpose board trolley: these are steel trolleys with different sections, and they are ideal for transporting items like dry boards, tubes, or timber.

High and Long Frame trolley: these are heavy duty trolleys which are designed so you can move large sheets of steel, wood, and other materials safely.