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The Unsung Heroes of the Workplace

August 15, 2017

Stock Trolleys and Storage Containers: The Unsung Heroes of the Workplace

Stock trolleys and the plastic containers that come with them are the unsung heroes of many a workplace, from warehouses to factories and workshops.

They improve efficiency, they save space, and they can accommodate items of different shapes and sizes that can prove difficult to stack.

Read on to find out how stock trolleys and storage containers can help you.

Do you work on a production line?

If you work on a fast-moving production line, you will know how important efficiency is. The more efficiently you work, the more productive you are.

Stock trolleys and storage containers are perfect for use on a production line because:

  • They are easily stackable so they take up less space
  • Items are easily accessible from the containers
  • The containers have a front lip which reduces the chance of items spilling out.

Do you pick orders in a warehouse?

When you are picking orders, you have to be efficient and accurate. Stock trolleys and storage bins can help by providing storage for items which doesn’t take up a lot of space and that can be grouped by category.

  • Adding labels to the containers can help you to quickly identify items.
  • Colour coding the storage containers will help you to categorise similar items in the same colour, so you’ll be able to find them quicker.
  • The storage containers are stackable, so they take up less space.

Our stock trolleys are available in different sizes to meet the needs of your workplace, and they have up to 9 plastic storage containers provided with them (these are optional), to make it easier to store and pick the items you need.

Do you use large or irregular shaped items in the course of your work?

Items that aren’t the same size are difficult to stack and larger items might not fit into conventional storage bins. Our nesting mobile container trucks are just what you need for safe and secure storage, here’s why;

  • They are made from high density polyethylene which is a very durable plastic.
  • They are resistant to extreme temperatures and are good for use in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C.
  • They have a lid which will keep the contents secure.
  • The containers can be stacked which is very handy when space is at a premium.
  • They are colour coded so you can store your items where you can get access to them quickly.

Take a look at our range of stock trolleys and storage containers, which can really help improve your workplace productivity.