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The Essential Trolleys for Every Business

September 25, 2019

If your employees have to move heavy items or move supplies around all day, being a safety-conscious employer, you’re obviously going to want to provide them with equipment that can help them not only stay safe, but do the job a lot faster.

Investing in the right trolley can not only save you money on your sick pay bill, it can increase your productivity which has a positive impact on your bottom line.

But which trolley should you choose? If you’ve been browsing our site and still feel a little clueless, don’t worry, here’s our guide on choosing the trolley that best suits your needs.

Office trolleys

These trolleys are lightweight yet sturdy, so they’re perfect for moving around files, folders, packages, boxes, and office supplies.

Our basket trolleys are perfect for moving goods around, distributing mail, and everything in between. They’re a very popular choice for offices, schools, libraries, universities, and professional working environments where heavy items need to be transported on a regular basis. The trolley is made from fully welded powder-coated steel which provides maximum strength and stability, and it has integrated push-pull handles at both ends, and 4 non-marking swivel castor wheels that ensure easy manoeuvrability across all floor surfaces. The trolley is available in 2 sizes and each model includes 2 removable baskets.

Another option is to invest in a book trolley, which is a great mobile storage option. It’s perfect for libraries, schools, offices, and universities, and it makes for easy storage and transport of books, files, document archives, and similar items.

It’s made in the UK from the highest quality materials and has a solid steel framework, swivel castor wheels with non-marking tyres, and a total load capacity of 150kg.  It is available as a single or double-sided trolley with either 2 or 3 shelf tiers.

Container trucks

Container storage trolleys are perfect for storing and moving tools and small parts around workshops, garages, warehouses and factories.

Our container storage trolleys come with removable containers that have a total load capacity of 150kg. The trolley is available in 2 sizes, has a robust steel framework, tough plastic containers, push-pull handles for easy manoeuvrability, and 4 non-marking swivel castor wheels that glide across floor surfaces with ease. The top of each trolley is covered with non-slip rubber matting so that any tools or equipment transported on top will not fall off when the trolley is in use.

Tray trolleys

Tray trolleys are hygienic and easy to keep clean, so they’ll help your business comply with strict food safety and infection control regulations. They are perfect for areas where food is prepared and served like kitchens.

Our fully-welded tray trolley is suitable for use in kitchens, offices, hospitals, care homes. It has a fully-welded frame and it’s equipped with 4 rubber castors for easy manoeuvrability across wooden, tiled and concrete floor surfaces. The trolley is available with either 2 or 3 shelves, and it has integrated handles at both ends that allow it to be pushed or pulled in any direction.

Shelf trolleys

Shelf trolleys come with one or more shelves and they are useful for moving items around no matter what type of business you run.

Our fort shelf trolley is available in a variety of different sizes and designs to suit every working environment. It’s made in the UK from high-quality materials and features a robust steel framework, integrated push-pull handles for better control, and 2 fixed and 2 swivel braked castor wheels that glide across floor surfaces easily even when the trolley is fully loaded.

It’s a great choice for warehouses, schools, offices, and storage facilities where heavy items are moved every day. It has a very generous load capacity of 500kg and its 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee lets you know that this trolley is built to last.

Platform trolleys

Can be used in a wide range of environments but they’re generally better suited to businesses where heavy, long, or bulky items are moved on a regular basis.

Our large wheeled folding platform trolley was designed for use in demanding industrial working environments where goods might have to moved over trickier terrain. It’s made from durable steel and has heavy-duty pneumatic wheels that glide across uneven surfaces, while maintaining stability, even when the trolley is loaded to its 350kg capacity. The trolley has a PVC coated base plate to keep goods secure, and a rubber coated ergonomic handle for easy manoeuvring. The trolley can be fully folded for easy storage in a works van.

Roll cages

These have two or more sides so a lot of goods can be moved while remaining protected from damage inside of the cage. The one or two open sides makes it easy to load and remove goods from the cage.

Our heavy duty rolcontainer is the perfect choice for supermarkets, distribution centres, and large retailer outlets where lots of heavy goods are transported every day. It’s made from tough tubular steel and includes a heavy-duty steel platform, a rigidity bar that secures the container when it’s in use, and 4 castor wheels (2 of which have brakes) for easy manoeuvring in tight spaces. With a 500kg load capacity, your employees will be able to work safer and faster with this amazing piece of kit.

Hopefully our guide to the trolleys you need for your business has helped, but there are many more options in our product range. Have a browse and contact our expert team if you need any help and advice, we’d love to hear from you!