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How to Store Heavy and Awkward Goods

November 21, 2018

How to Store Heavy and Awkward Goods

If you work in or own a warehouse, you’ll know that some goods are just downright difficult to store and put away. Whether it’s because they have an awkward shape or they’re unbelievably heavy, they can cause a headache for even the most strategic of thinkers.

Here are some of the most awkward things that get stored in warehouses and how you can store and handle them safely.


They’re long and usually heavy, and they can be difficult to store. Cantilever racks are a great solution for storing pipes as the racks keep them off the floor, and you don’t have to leave them lying around or stood up against a wall. Not that you should ever do that!

Large appliances (washing machines, fridge freezers etc)

These items can be heavy and bulky, and the best way to store them is to move them with a forklift truck and use either bulk storage or pallet racks which can take the weight and allow you easy access to the items when they are needed.

Car parts

Some car parts can be bulky and let’s face it, some parts are just weird shapes. Gravity flow racks are a perfect solution for storing oddly-shaped items, plus they make them easy to find and put away.

Hazardous substances

Sometimes your workplace might need to store hazardous chemicals, and while these are not heavy or oddly-shaped, they can pose a risk of being spilled or contaminating surfaces or products. The answer to safe storage is using plastic chemical-resistant shelving (and taking all other necessary precautions while moving and handling them, of course.)

Paper records

Even if your entire system is electronic, you’ll still no doubt have a lot of paperwork to deal with from HR documents to invoices and order details. The law often requires that you retain certain documents for a number of years before you can destroy them too, and the big question is, where do you store them? Bulk shelving can be a good option as can mobile storage, so that paperwork can easily be moved around to different areas of the workplace when it’s needed.