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How to Stay Cool and Comfortable in the Office This Summer

June 3, 2019

While the summer is a welcome prospect for most of us, if you work in a stuffy office or a poorly-ventilated workplace, it can be a time of the year you dread. You travel to work in a boiling hot car, or on a packed train and arrive in the office with your clothes stuck to your back, then spend all day feeling hot and fighting the desire to sleep. But fear not, there are some ways you can stay cool and feel a little more comfortable at work when the temperature rises.

Strategically place fans around your workplace

It sounds obvious, but opening a window is your first best bet, but not if it’s just letting in warm air from outside. Your next move should be to strategically place fans around your workplace. One tip we’ve read is to place a bucket of ice in front of the fan so it acts as a mini ac unit. We’ve no idea if it works, but if the heat in your office is driving you mad, it’s definitely worth a try.

Dress for the heat

Okay, so maybe your boss would frown at you wearing shorts and an England shirt in the office, but forgo starchy collars and ties, and opt for clothing made from breathable materials with a more relaxed fit.

Drink plenty

Keep a bottle of water on your desk and refill it during the day. Try to reduce the amount of tea and coffee you drink as this can be dehydrating in warm weather. The chances are that you won’t want as many brews when it’s 25 degrees outside anyway.



Give yourself extra time for your commute

If you have to squeeze yourself onto a packed train every day, or fight your way through traffic and arrive at the office looking like a sweaty mess, why not try leaving a little earlier before the heat rises and everything gets extra busy? That way, you’ll have a fighting chance of getting to work not looking like someone’s attacked you with a bucket of water!

Get a breather when you can

It’s not fun spending time in a sweaty office all day, so if you get the chance, go outside for your lunch, eat al fresco in the shade, and enjoy the fresh air before you head back inside for the afternoon.