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December 22, 2016

What Is A Stair Climbing Trolley?telescopic-1


Ever since mankind came up with the idea for a basic platform on wheels that makes moving heavy loads from once place to another easier, we’ve also been looking for ways to improve it. That’s humanity – we can’t leave well enough alone.

In the case of the simple sack trolley, however, this was a good thing. Although sack trolleys are fantastic pieces of equipment, something that many businesses and individuals couldn’t do without, there is one drawback to them; they don’t go up stairs. Or rather, they don’t go up stairs safely, easily, and with little effort on the part of the person moving the trolley and its load around. Doing this puts strain on the individual’s body, it causes damage to the trolley and the stairs, and it can cause the load to fall and break, or hurt someone. But what to do? Loads still needed to be taken upstairs.

This is why the stairclimber or stair climbing trolley was invented.

This clever type of trolley has a different kind of wheel set up – there are three pairs of wheels that work on the principle that one set is always in contact with the stairs. This makes for a more stable, smoother, and altogether easier way of moving cargo up and downstairs.

Stairclimbers are ideal for when deliveries need to be made to multidrops in an office building or tower block, for example. They save the problem of damaged items, injured employees and members of the public, and because they are so much more stable and easier to manoeuvre than standard trucks, they mean that access is not blocked since they are simple to ‘park’.

If you want to try something that is even easier to move around, even safer to use, then there are automated versions available as well as manual ones. It entirely depends on the situation in which these trucks will be used, and how comfortable the user is with them.

Stairclimbers make moving loads up and down stairs effortless, allowing the user to concentrate on what they are moving rather than how they are moving it. With the trolley itself taking up the strain of what used to be a difficult and unpleasant task, it is now possible to deliver items to anyone, anywhere, giving your company greater flexibility.