Fully adjustable to suit any load, Telescopic Sack Trucks are suited to a wide range of domestic and commercial environments. A popular choice for delivery drivers, warehouse operatives, and school janitors, these versatile sack trucks feature telescopic handles and frames that allow height adjustment throughout the working day.

In the Trucks & Trolleys Telescopic Sack Truck Collection, you’ll find a variety of models to take the stress out of heavy lifting, with folding telescopic sack trucks, pneumatic wheel telescopic sack trucks, and telescopic stairclimber sack trucks all featuring in our exclusive online range.

Ideal for couriers and those transporting different sized loads throughout the working day, Telescopic Sack Trucks can be modified in seconds to provide greater carrying capacity when you need it most. They fold neatly for storage when not in use, and they are fully mobile on robust wheels for effortless navigation across indoor and outdoor terrains.

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