If your job involves lifting and moving heavy goods on a daily basis, sack trucks are an essential piece of kit. They make heavy goods handling more efficient and a lot safer because they remove the need for manual lifting and allow the user to transport a number of items in one go.

These are all things that make a sack truck the perfect choice for employees in many jobs across many different industries, and delivery drivers are no exception.

Delivery drivers drive the length and breadth of the country, delivering goods to our homes and businesses. They have to work quickly, safely, and often tirelessly to keep the country’s goods moving, so they need equipment that makes their lives easier.

The anatomy of a sack truck-what makes them perfect for delivery drivers?

So what is it exactly that makes a sack truck perfect for fast, safe, and efficient goods handling? They come in a range of different designs, and are available with different types of wheels, frames, and handles which makes them suitable for many different manual handling jobs. Here are the details that make them an essential piece of kit for those who lift heavy goods.

They are made from the perfect materials

Most sack trucks are made of either steel or aluminium. Steel is strong, durable, and great for heavy-duty jobs, and aluminium is strong yet lightweight which makes it easy to manoeuvre. Perfect for a busy delivery driver.

They have a choice of toe plates

Whatever the type of goods that are being moved, they will be loaded onto the toe plate, so it stands to reasons that your choice of toe plate should reflect the size and type of goods you will be moving.

A fixed toe plate is usually smaller, so if you are moving large or bulky items, a folding toe plate would probably be a better choice. Having said that, a fixed toe plate can usually take a greater weight capacity, so if you are moving heavy goods, this is a great option. Just load your goods on the truck and you’re ready to go.

There’s a choice of wheels

You’ll find that sack trucks come with either solid or pneumatic wheels. Pneumatic wheels navigate all types of terrain with ease, which makes them the ideal choice for bumpy or uneven terrain. Solid wheels perform well on smooth, flat surfaces, and though they aren’t ideal for uneven ground, they are very durable and still make the truck easy to manoeuvre.

Some sack trucks can navigate stairs

Stairclimber trucks are a godsend to those delivering goods to residential properties or businesses premises with stairs, steps, or high kerbs. These trucks are fitted with stairclimber wheels, which are three wheels fitted together in a triangular configuration. With stairclimber wheels, one wheel is always in contact with the stairs, while the truck moves up the steps.

They come with a range of handles to make the job easier

Sack trucks are available with a choice of different handles. Two-handled trucks allow you to easily support whatever you’re carrying, as there are handles on either side of the truck. A P Handle truck has a handle that looks like the letter P, which allows you to have one hand free to open doors or keep the loads you’re carrying steady and secure.

Delivery drivers: what’s your perfect truck?

You’re a parcel delivery driver:

You need a lightweight sack truck that can handle several heavy boxes and that folds up neatly for storage in your van.

Our lightweight aluminium sack truck is the perfect choice for you. It’s light, easy to manoeuvre with its pneumatic wheels, and can handle loads of up to 200kg.

You deliver bulky white goods:

You need a heavy duty sack truck with pneumatic wheels to give you easier manoeuvrability and control, and wheel guards to protect the truck’s wheels and the goods.

Our white goods sack truck with pneumatic wheels is just what you need. It makes light work of moving and handling heavy goods and contains features like an ergonomic handle for ease of use and plastic tube protectors to protect the goods you’re delivering.

You deliver goods to residential or business premises with stairs or steps:

Delivering heavy goods to premises with stairs or steps can be tricky and unsafe without the right equipment. If you find that this is a regular part of your job, you need a stair climber sack truck.

Our combi stair climber sack truck has a stairclimber system so you can move goods up and downstairs. It can also be used as a standard sack truck with a generous 200kg load capacity.

You deliver and fit carpets:

In these days when health and safety comes first, the days of lugging carpet are long gone. If you’re a carpet fitter, a carpet trolley should be your first investment.

Our carpet trolley is a durable and affordable essential that makes light work of moving heavy carpets.

Do you deliver beer kegs and heavy crates to pubs and clubs?:

You most likely have numerous deliveries to make throughout your working day. You need a heavy-duty sack truck that’s easier to manoeuvre and easy to transport.

Our large pneumatic folding toe sack truck is the answer to your prayers. This heavy-duty truck is designed for daily use and it has a very generous load capacity of 300kg. Its pneumatic wheels make it easier to manoeuvre and a folding toe plate means easy storage in your delivery van.

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