Sack Trucks 101: All You Need to Know

A sack truck is an upright two-wheeled trolley with an L-shaped design. Sack trucks are often used in warehouses and other commercial environments to move and handle large, heavy items.

Sack trucks come in many different designs, but every truck has a push handle (or a pair of push handles) and a plate to place the loads on. These features make it easy to move loads around safely.

How to choose a sack truck

Because there are many different types of sack truck, choosing the right one for your needs can be a bit confusing. Before making your choice, here are some things you need to consider:

How much weight it can carry

Overloading a truck can cause damage to it, so make sure your chosen truck has the capacity to take the weight you need to move.

How high is the back?

The height of the back of the truck is an important consideration if you want to move tall boxes or high stacked items. Trucks with high backs are designed to be easy to pull and push even when carrying a load.

What kind of tyres does it have?

Sack trucks usually have either solid tyres or pneumatic tyres. Pneumatic tyres are filled with air, and generally provide excellent cushioning from impact. The downside is that they can be punctured by sharp objects, so you may think solid tyres are better, as they tend to be more durable.

How many handles does it have?

Many trucks have 2 rubber-grip handles which provide user comfort and make them easier to operate.


It’s important that the wheels of the truck meet the demands of the work you need to carry out, and suit your work environment. Choosing the right wheels will make for easier and more efficient operation of the truck.

Types of wheels

Solid wheels

These are very durable and can’t be punctured, so they are a good choice for work areas where there might be a lot of debris.

Pneumatic wheels

These wheels are often the best choice for heavier loads, as they are lighter and allow for smoother operation of the truck by absorbing shock. They are particularly good on uneven and bumpy terrain.

Rotating wheels

These are a set of 3 solid rubber wheels, which rotate on either side of the truck. This makes it easier to negotiate stairs and other obstacles such as curbs than it would be with a normal set of wheels.

Sack trucks: a buyer’s guide

Understanding the differences between the different varieties of sack truck makes life a whole lot easier.

Steel trucks or aluminium trucks?    

Sack trucks are available in either steel or aluminium. Steel is strong and very durable so it makes for an excellent frame for a sack truck. Aluminium is strong, but also much lighter than steel, which makes an aluminium truck more manoeuvrable, and easy to transport. It is also resistant to rust. However, due to its strength, a steel truck will last for many years if it is looked after.

Folding toe or fixed toe trucks?

The toe plate of a sack truck is where the load is put on to the truck.

A fixed toe plate is often a lot smaller than a folding toe plate, so for large or bulky items a folding toe plate is easier and safer to use. If you are using a truck to move a wide range of items, a folding toe plate will give you the versatility you need.

P-Handle, Dual Handle, or Standard Handles?

You will notice that you can get sack trucks with a variety of handles. Standard handles are a two-handled design, with handles on either side of the truck, which helps you to easily support a load you are carrying.

A P-Handle truck has a handle built into the into the top of the frame. It has a loop in the shape of a P that allows you to hold the truck with one hand. The fact you can operate the truck with one hand means that the other hand is free to open doors or to steady the load.

Dual handled trucks have both the standard handles plus a loop handle.