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Which Sack Truck Should You Choose?

December 24, 2016

Which Sack Truck Should You Choose?


A sack truck – also known as a dolly, trolley, box cart, sack barrow, bag barrow, box cart… the list goes on – is a useful piece of kit. This L-shaped hand cart has a fulcrum right in the middle, meaning that once it is tilted, even the heaviest load (to a point) is easy to move around. Keep the toe plate flat on the ground, load the cart, then tilt it backwards and large loads should be made much easier.


Just as there are many names for this kind of cart, there are many different types, so it’s important to consider exactly what you need it for and why you are buying it before making the purchase. There is nothing worse than having an unused piece of equipment just sitting around in the warehouse – it’s a waste of money, and a waste of space.


Size of the Load

Possibly the most important part of deciding which sack truck to go for is what it’s going to be moving. What is the maximum load weight that you are going to want to haul around on this piece of equipment? It’s important to choose a truck with the biggest weight capacity that you will need. If you are moving bulky but fairly light items, you’ll need a different truck to the one you would pick if you were moving much heavier items (even if they stack nicely). And it’s not just about how much weight the truck can bear – take a look at the different toe plates too; the thicker the toe plate, the more weight can be put onto it.


What You Are Moving

Different trucks are built for different purposes. They all work in the same way, but if, for example, you need to move boxes you will want a truck with a flat back. If you’re moving beer kegs, a rounded back will be of more use. You can even find trucks with safety hooks and harnesses to really make sure that your load is safe once it is on there.


Where You Are Moving It

Nice flat warehouse floor? Uneven bumpy yard? Up stairs? There is a different sack truck for each of these needs. Work out where your load needs to be taken on a regular basis, and you’ll know which kind of truck to opt for when it comes time to buy one.


Moving The Truck

It’s all very well loading up a sack truck with as much as possible, but if you then can’t move it to where it needs to be you’ll have a problem. Check which kind of wheels you are buying – you’ll need something with good, hard wearing, sturdy tyres rather than little things that might burst at any time. The better the tyres the easier it will be to move the truck around.


telescopic-2Storing The Truck

A foldable sack truck will obviously take up less space than a standard one, and they can often be the best option when it comes to storage. However, bear in mind that the bigger and sturdier the truck is, the less chance there is of finding a folding version of it. So, what is more important? A sturdy, strong cart or more space in the warehouse or yard? It’s potentially an important decision, and will need careful consideration.