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How to Run a Safe and Productive Industrial Workplace

November 2, 2017

How to Run a Safe and Productive Industrial Workplace

Keeping a busy workplace running smoothly takes a lot of time and effort, and it takes common sense, organisation, and investment in the right equipment to make sure it runs as efficiently, safely, and productively as possible. This is especially important in industrial working environments like factories, warehouses, and depots. Here’s how you can make your industrial workplace safe and productive.

Make full use of the available space

Instead of using up all your floor space, why not think about storing items vertically? Invest in a tray rack to store parts that might get lost if they are put on shelves, or invest in some mobile container trucks that allow for easy storage that won’t take up too much space. Our nesting mobile container trucks can also be stacked inside of each other when they are not in use, saving you even more precious floorspace.

Organise your workstations

If staff aren’t constantly looking for tools or equipment, they’ll be more productive. Why not look at having some stock trolleys in close proximity to workstations, where tools and frequently used parts can be stored? This reduces clutter too.

Make stock picking more efficient

Make picking items in your stock room or stores more efficient by using an order picking trolley. Our heavy-duty order picking trolley comes with an integrated step ladder for use in multi-level warehouses, factories, or depots.

Keep your workplace safe

This is not just a legal necessity, it makes business sense too. Minimising the risk of injuries in the workplace will reduce the amount of sickness absence and sick pay you have to pay out.

Make sure you risk assess all of your work processes, especially the operations where forklifts and other heavy equipment is used, as these are inherently riskier. Make sure your workplace is equipped with appropriate safety signage  as a reminder to staff to be vigilant and mindful of risks.

Make sure staff are adequately trained

When new employees start working on your premises, they should receive training, and refreshers should always be given, especially if employees are going to be using forklift trucks or other heavy equipment.

Invest in the right equipment

You will need to move and handle items that may be very heavy. To make this safer and more efficient, browse through our range of trucks and trolleys for your perfect product. We have a huge range of products, and most certainly one of the largest ranges online.

If you want to run a safe, efficient, and productive workplace, investing in the right equipment to carry out your work tasks can only help. You’ll be amazed at how making a few key changes to the way you work can have an impact on your business success.