There’s nothing like a few beers in the pub. Whether you’re unwinding or celebrating, it’s one of life’s pleasures. But after the bar staff have collected your bottles, have you ever wondered what happens to them? Well, they more than likely end up in pub bottle bins then (hopefully) the recycling bin. So why do pubs use bottle bins?

Why Pubs Use Bottle Bins

To transport full or empty bottles

Pub bottle bins are really handy for transporting stock from storage to the bar. They’re also great for collecting empty bottles ready for recycling at the end of the night. They’re easy to manoeuvre, don’t take up a lot of space, and they’re watertight. This means that if any dregs of beer spill in the bottom of the bin, they can be easily tipped out.

To keep bottles cold at outdoor events

The fact that they’re watertight means you can fill them with ice to keep bottles cold. They’re a godsend if your pub hosts outdoor functions in the sweltering heat of summer. Nobody likes warm beer.

They make recycling bottles easy

Pub bottle bins make easy work of recycling your glass bottles. Instead of having to sort through recycling, all your glass is in one receptacle.  Figures estimate that the UK hospitality industry throws away around 200,000 tonnes of glass every year. Most of the glass that’s thrown away ends up in landfill needlessly. Glass is one of the most infinitely recyclable materials. Invest in a pub bottle bin so your venue doesn’t contribute to the dire statistics.

BUT, they are not just for bottles

Okay, they are called bottle bins, but they are versatile. If you buy a pub bottle bin made from food-grade plastic, you can store food or ingredients in them too.

To keep their venue healthy and safe

Every business has a legal and moral obligation to look after the health and safety of its employees and customers. Pubs are no exception. Using bottle bins means nobody is at risk of slipping on a stray bottle or cutting themselves on broken glass.

Our Range

In our range, you’ll find just what you need for your business. We have options made from food-grade polyethylene that are available in five different colours. We have some made from recycled plastic which will add to your green credentials. Whatever option you choose, they will help keep your venue safe, efficient, and organised.

All our bottle bins have a 120-litre capacity and they’re UV resistant, lightweight, and durable. Staff needn’t worry about them being difficult to move when they’re full either. Their rolled edges and castor wheels make them easy and comfortable to move and handle.

Need Quality Bottle Bins for Your Pub?

Storing stock and foodstuffs? Check. Transporting full bottles to the bar and taking empties to the recycling bin? Check. Keeping your venue safe and tidy? Check. Pub bottle bins are a great investment and they’re more versatile than you think.

Need help choosing the perfect bottle bins for your venue? Get in touch with our friendly sales team who’ll happily point you in the right direction. For more interesting articles on all things trucks and trolleys, check out the rest of our blog.