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Pallet Trucks Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

January 30, 2017

Pallet Trucks Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


Everyone wants to – or should want to – reduce their carbon footprint. It may seems as though offices and warehouses are behind the times when it comes to saving the planet, but there are ways and means to ensure that it happens, at least as much as it can. Using energy saving lightbulbs, using recycled paper and office stationery, opting for car shares or cycle to work schemes where possible, using organic produce in any food prepared in canteens and so on… These are great ways to start making a difference.

But a pallet truck can also help.

Buying a standard, manual pallet truck really can reduce your carbon footprint in the workplace – they don’t require any fuel to work, and that is a bonus.

Pallet trucks like these work in such a way that, depending of course on the type of business you run and how the loads are delivered (and indeed, what they are) noisy, gas guzzling equipment simply is not needed. If enough warehouses use them rather than powered machines, the carbon emissions can be seriously reduced up and down the country. Thousands of kilograms can be moved safely and easily without ever having to switch on an engine – now that’s interesting. That’s good for the planet.

Another plus point when it comes to this particular piece of equipment is that they don’t need that much maintenance. They don’t break down very often. They last for years and years. That means you won’t have to throw your old truck away and buy a new one, and that means less waste and fewer landfill issues. As a bonus, it saves you money too.

When you do need to dispose of your pallet truck, the majority of them can actually be recycled. Whether you find uses for your old pallet truck yourself (take it apart and keep the spares just in case another truck has a breakdown, for example).

So a warehouse can be just as ‘green’ as anywhere else, thanks to the good use of pallet trucks.