Do you manage a warehouse, factory, or any other demanding working environment where you lift and transport heavy goods every day? No doubt you’re constantly on the lookout for equipment that makes the job easier. A pallet truck with weighing scales not only makes lifting and transporting goods easier, it simplifies weighing them too.

How Do Pallet Truck Weighing Scales Work?

Pallet truck scales support and weigh anything that’s placed on them. Keep the load stable and even. Set the LCD display to zero before you begin and you’ll get a very accurate result. To weigh a pallet using a pallet truck with a weighing scale, position the forks under the pallet and lift it. Once the load is lifted, the weight will register on the display.

What are the Benefits of Using a Pallet Truck with Weighing Scales?

They’re Built to Last

Just like anything you invest in, you want great value for money. This means you need equipment that will go the distance. Look out for pallet trucks made from high quality materials with a generous load capacity. For example, Our Premium Weigh Scale Pallet Truck is made from the finest quality materials and is fully CE marked and plated. It also has a generous weight load capacity of 2000kg. A piece of kit like this will last you years.

It Will Supercharge Efficiency

A pallet truck with weighing scale combines a forklift action with a heavy-duty weighing scale. A big upside of this is you can move and weigh goods at the same time which makes jobs quicker and easier. Another way it improves productivity is that a single employee can operate it. This frees others up to do other important tasks.

They’re Just the Thing When You Need Accuracy

Say your business is selling goods based on weight. You need an accurate method of weighing goods in bulk. A pallet truck with weighing scales is one of the easiest and most accurate ways of checking the weight of goods.

They’re Super Easy to Operate

Your employees won’t need a license to operate one of these pallet trucks. After some brief instructional training, they’ll be able to hit the ground running. They’re so easy to use. Take our Weigh Scale Pallet Truck.  Polyurethane steering wheels and tandem rollers means you can move it effortlessly across a smooth floor surface. The ergonomic handle with integrated locking mechanism makes it possible to operate this truck with just one hand.

You’ll Avoid Overloading Goods

Using a pallet truck with weighing scale can help you avoid:

  • Overloading vehicles – Overloading delivery trucks and vans is illegal. If you exceed weight limits, you can end up with a fine and it can void your insurance.
  • Overloading pallet racks – Overloading pallet racks can cause accidents or damage to goods and machinery.

Can You Afford Not to Invest in a Pallet Truck with Weighing Scale?

If your business deals with heavy goods on a daily business, a pallet truck with a weighing scale is not just nice to have, it’s a must-have.

In our range, we have Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks for every business and budget. Want to find out more about how these specialist forklift trucks can make your life easier? Ask our expert sales team. Check out our article on pallet truck safety and our entire range of pallet trucks.