If you’re moving home and you don’t have a boatload of furniture, the chances are you can do it yourself. Hiring a van and enlisting the help of some friends will work out cheaper than using a removal company. But how can you move your stuff without breaking your back or the bank? Here’s why a sack truck is a moving home life hack.

A moving home life hack: The humble sack truck:

If you’re moving home and you have big boxes and some white goods to lift, a sack truck is your new BFF. It will help you move your goods quickly and safely, and prevent them from getting damaged. 

Choose the right sack truck for the job

While sack trucks are a definite moving home life hack, you need the right one for the job. Here’s what you need to think about:

Is the sack truck sturdy enough for the weight you want to load onto it?

What kind of terrain will you be using it on? Solid wheels are okay if you are on flat, firm ground. However, if you need to navigate curbs and stairs, pneumatic wheels are a better choice.

Do you need a strap? If you’re moving large items like fridges, it’s a good idea to use a strap to secure the load.

Getting started with your sack truck

If you’ve never used a sack truck, you might feel a bit all over the place at first. However, you’ll soon get the hang of it with a little know-how. here are our tips on how to make light work of moving heavy goods.

Firstly, when loading something onto the sack truck, tip the truck forward and slide the bottom plate underneath it. Secondly, tip the truck back with one hand and hold the front of whatever you’re moving with the other. If you’re moving an unstable load, put one hand on top of it and move the truck with the other.

Moving home life hack for navigating stairs

Stairs are hard work for anyone who’s moving heavy goods. However, you can tackle them like a champ. When going up or downstairs, take it slowly and keep your sack truck moving forward in a straight line. This will reduce the chances of it (and your precious goods) tipping over.

You might be tempted to tilt the truck backwards when you are going downstairs. Don’t do this too much or the truck can slide and miss a few steps. You don’t want runaway furniture!

Moving home life hack for moving boxes

It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate and it’s easy to remain in denial. Until you move home and have to move loads of boxes, that is.

When moving boxes with a sack truck, stack them on top of each other neatly. Otherwise, they will topple, trust us. Don’t stack the boxes so high that you can’t see where you’re going either.

Moving furniture with a sack truck 101

Use furniture pads. Your sack truck is metal, which means it could scratch your beloved wooden coffee table or bedside cabinet.

Need to move a desk? Standing it on end to move it is a moving home life hack. Just make sure you empty the drawers first!

Moving home life hack for moving white goods

Moving a bulky appliance like a washing machine? Load it onto the sack truck with the rear-facing you. This will help avoid any scuffs or scratches to the front of the machine. Make sure you don’t leave any plugs or wires trailing either. You don’t want to trip or run them over with your sack truck!

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that using a sack truck is the ultimate moving home life hack. For more interesting articles on all things trucks and trolleys, check out the rest of our blog