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Manual Versus Electric: The Great Debate

January 25, 2017

Manual Versus Electric: The Great Debate


semi-poweredPallets trucks come in all shapes and sizes, and it all depends on what you need to move around as to which type you should buy. But when it comes to the question of whether you should have an electric pallet truck or a manual one, what is it that you should consider?



The maintenance costs of any piece of equipment must be factored into your budget before making an investment. With an electric pallet truck, those costs will be much higher than with a manual one. An electric pallet truck will need to be checked on a more regular basis to ensure that the battery is working as it should, and that any automated parts are safe for your employees to work with. Conversely, a manual pallet truck will also need to be checked, but not as often, and if new parts are required they won’t be as expensive as those needed for the electric version.

The electric pallet truck may even need an expert to fix it if and when it goes wrong, which will cost more money.


Ease of Use

Despite the larger initial cost, using an electric pallet truck is a much easier business than manoeuvring a manual one. If you need greater speed, better ability to move through tight spaces, an enhanced loading capacity and more, then an electric truck could be by far the better option.


Size of Warehouse

The bigger the warehouse, the more useful an electric pallet truck will be. Using a manual pallet truck in a large space is tiring, and can lead to issues regarding health and safety. If you have a small warehouse then a manual truck is probably the right one for you. An electric truck might be too powerful for a small space, and cause damage as it turns and operates.

The size of the warehouse should be taken into account when it comes to storing your pallet truck too. An electric truck is going to need more space, but it will also need a charging station. Have you really got the room galvanizedfor it?



The cost of an electric pallet truck is far higher than that of a manual one. Manual pallet trucks are popular for a variety of reasons, but the price is certainly one of them. For smaller businesses, and those just starting out, investing in machinery and equipment can seem like a daunting task. Buying a manual pallet truck is a good idea to start with since it is seriously cost effective. If at a later date you feel you want to upgrade to an electric one, then do so, but start simple at the beginning.