If you want to get jobs done faster and with less strain on your employees, powered pallet trucks should be at the top of your equipment shopping list. Manual pallet trucks have their place of course, but there are some undeniable benefits of investing in a powered pallet truck.

The benefits of powered pallet trucks

  • They’re much less strenuous for employees to operate.
  • They’re ergonomic and have valuable safety features
  • They help you lift and move loads faster
  • They can be used on an incline
  • They are easy to operate, even at full capacity

Which powered pallet truck should I choose?

There are a number of powered pallet trucks to choose from, and in this blog, we’re going to introduce a few of our most popular products and hopefully make your purchasing decision a little easier!

High Lift Pallet Trucks

These trucks are an essential piece of handling equipment for professional working environments like warehouses, storage facilities, distribution centres, loading bays, factories, and manufacturing plants where the transportation of heavy loads is a key part of day-to-day operations.

High Lift Pallet Trucks reduce heavy lifting injuries in the workplace by elevating pallets to a comfortable height for loading and unloading. They speed up workplace productivity by giving employees the tools they need to perform their tasks quicker and more efficiently, and they make life easier for busy ground staff.

Our Electric High Lift Pallet Truck is a great choice for demanding working environments. It can be operated both manually and electronically to safely lift heavy pallets without causing back strain or other lifting injuries. It’s made from robust materials, it features adjustable stabilising bars to prevent it from tipping over, and it has hard-wearing front wheels and rollers, and an integrated locking mechanism to secure the truck whilst loading and unloading.

This truck is ideal for warehouses and loading areas, and it comes with a battery and charger to ensure it’s always ready to go. Its large ergonomic handle makes it easy to move, even in space-restricted areas.

Product specifications

Fork length 1170 mm

Fork width 160 mm

Raised height of forks 800 mm

Lowered height of forks 85 mm

Lifting motor power 0.8 kw

Load capacity 1000 kg

Powered Pallet Trucks

Powered pallet trucks speed up loading and unloading, and daily handling operations in demanding working environments where heavy loads are moved throughout the day.

Our powered pallet trucks are made from the highest quality materials, they’re equipped with powerful motors, and they’re designed to make light work of heavy lifting jobs. They remove the need for manual lifting, and so they reduce the risk of lifting related injuries that can slow down your operations.

Powered pallet trucks are a great investment for large warehouses, retail depots, supermarkets, factories, distribution centres, and just about anywhere else where heavy lifting is a big part of the working day. Our Powered Pallet Trucks can support loads of up to 2000kg and include the very latest stability and breaking mechanisms to transform the way you move pallets in the workplace.

Our Fully Powered Pallet Truck will help you speed up your day to day operations and reduce the risk of lifting related injuries. It’s made from hard-wearing materials, it’s equipped with a powerful 400w motor, and it reduces the need for pushing and pulling. It also glides across smooth floor surfaces with ease.

For added stability, this Fully Powered Pallet Truck has stabilising units on both sides of the wheels to prevent it from tipping over when loaded to full capacity. It also has an ergonomic handle for easy use when transporting heavy pallets. This truck is ideal for supermarkets and warehouses, and it offers excellent value for money.

Product specifications

Fork width 167 mm

Raised height of forks 85 mm

Total weight load capacity 1500 kg

Battery life indicator

Curtis controller unit and nonpolar speed controller

Our Premium Fully Powered Pallet Truck is available to purchase with or without a driver platform and side protection. It is the #1 choice for demanding working environments such as large warehouses, supermarkets and retail depots where heavy pallets are moved throughout the working day.

It’s made from top of the range materials and it features a nonpolar control unit for specific tasks, a hydraulic pump system for ease of raising and lowering heavy loads, an electro-magnetic braking mechanism that is spring applied and electrically released, and improved acceleration to enhance performance when entering and exiting pallets. It’s a great investment for demanding professional workplaces.

Product specifications

Raised height of forks 200 mm

Lowered height of forks 85 mm

Total weight load capacity 2000 kg

2 Year guarantee

Hydraulic pump

Electro-magnetic braking system

If you would like any advice on choosing your perfect pallet truck, our expert sales team is only a phone call or an email away. Call us on 01684 252212 or drop us a line at [email protected]