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Make Gardening Easier with Our Tip-A-Truck

May 29, 2018

Make Gardening Easier with Our Tip a Truck

Summer is on the way so the chances are you’ll want to get out in the garden. But what if you have a physical disability, an injury, or your strength is just not what it used to be? Here’s our guide on how to make gardening that bit easier.

Digging your garden

Digging is easier if you keep flower beds narrow and make sure there’s access from both sides. Try using long-handled trowels and forks and add compost to your soil which will make it moist, softer and easier to dig.

Grow from seed

Sowing seeds directly into your beds is easier, and mixing seed with sand makes it easier to sow of you have any problems with your hands. If you want to grow fruit and veg, it’s cheap and easy to sow the seeds directly where you want to grow them too. All you’ll have to do is thin the seedlings out once they’ve taken and water them regularly.

Buy low maintenance plants

Plants that don’t need a lot of looking after make it easier for you to maintain your garden, but it means you won’t have as much choice over the plants you can have in your beds. Many herbaceous plants can be left to die themselves and eventually disappear into the soil, ready for their comeback in spring, so they’re a good choice.

Watering your garden

Use a light plastic watering can with flat sides rather than a round one. During warm weather, leave your hosepipe accessible for watering your lawn.

Moving and handling in the garden 

Nearly every job you do in the garden involves moving or carrying something, whether it’s garden tools, plants, or bags of compost. Here’s how you can make moving and carrying things easier. (Remember to only do what’s comfortable. A little bit of light gardening is better than hurting or exhausting yourself.)

  • Use a belt or apron to keep small tools like secateurs in so you have your hands free to do your jobs.
  • Invest in a rubber bucket with two handles to keep cuttings, tools, and debris in, and carry it close to your body.
  • Use a garden truck for moving heavier objects around. Our Tip-A-Truck is made from high quality materials and has a robust steel frame, a hard-wearing polypropylene container, and 4 rubber wheels that slide into the centre when the truck is tipped to provide extra stability. An ergonomic handle makes it easy to pull or push, and its easy release tipping mechanism and lock function make it perfect for use on all kinds of terrain.