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July 24, 2018

Make Easy Work of Storing Small Parts

If you own or manage a busy warehouse or factory, you’ll know how annoying and costly it can be to constantly be misplacing small parts and components. You might have no proper storage system, or employees might always put them in the wrong place; whatever it is, not being organised can really slow down productivity and mess up your stock rotation system. Who wants to be ordering 1000 units of a component you thought you had run out of, only to find a huge box of them in a part of the warehouse they’re not meant to be in?

But don’t worry, we can help. We can provide a range of quality storage solutions for your small parts and components to help you reduce costs and seriously improve your productivity.

Container storage trolleys

These versatile storage trolleys are designed for transporting small parts and components in workshops, garages, warehouses and factories. The trolley has removable containers that can carry a total load of 150kg.

They come in two sizes so you can choose which trolley best suits your workplace, and it’s made to last, with its tough steel framework and durable plastic containers.

Integrated push-pull handles make it easy to manoeuvre in small spaces and its 4 non-marking swivel castor wheels make gliding across floor surfaces a breeze.

The top of each trolley is covered with non-slip rubber matting so that your tools, parts and components won’t fall off when you’re moving them around.

Small parts storage tray rack

This model is available to purchase with either 12 or 24 trays, so it’s perfect for any workplace where small items and components are transported daily. This piece of kit is an investment, and it’s designed to give you years of use. It has a strong welded steel framework, a rear metal support strap to keep the trays in place, and a generous load capacity of 200kg. Even when it’s fully loaded, its 4 swivel castor wheels make it easy to manoeuvre across most surfaces.

Tool trolley

This trolley is an essential for garages, workshops, factories, production facilities, and assembly areas and it will seriously boost productivity. It’s made from top quality 1.2mm chrome steel and it’s equipped with swivel castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability across all floor surfaces. As work equipment goes, it’s a stylish and affordable choice, with the added bonus that it’s also secure. The trolley can be purchased with one or two lockable drawers for safe and secure storage of valuable tools and components.

Nesting mobile container trucks

If you have lots of components to store, but not much space to store them in, these nesting container trucks are the perfect choice because they can be stacked when they are not being used. They’re made from high-density polyethylene, which is an easy to clean and very durable plastic and they have an integrated lid to keep your components secure. If you find that organising parts is a nightmare, you’ll no longer have that problem as these containers are available in four different colours to help you colour code and organise your essentials.