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July 9, 2018

Make Cleaning Easy with the Right Trolley

Cleaning trolleys are versatile mobile workstations for caretakers, cleaners, mechanics, or warehouse operatives. They’re lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and have the capacity to store a variety of tools, chemicals, and waste disposal items.

Which cleaning trolley is right for you?

Are you cleaning a small or large area?

If you only need to clean a small area and you only need to travel a short distance, a simple trolley for cleaning essentials is adequate, but if you have several different cleaning duties that require different tools and products, and you have to cover a longer distance, you’ll need something with a little more capacity. If you’re a few floors away from your cleaning cupboard, you can’t afford to keep running out of supplies because it makes your job a lot harder.

What type of environment are you cleaning?

The cleaning trolley you choose will also depend on the environment you’re cleaning. For example, a carpeted office will not need mopping, but you will need a vacuum cleaner. Environments like hospitals will need facilities on the trolley for sanitary mopping and cleaning systems.

Will the trolley be in full view?

Also, if the trolley is being used in public areas, it needs to look the part, and any harmful chemicals or other products should be hidden from view. The need to keep these products secure has led to a demand for trolleys that are partly or fully-enclosed.

How much space do you have?

Where space is at a premium or an area is restricted access, the trolley needs to be as small, lightweight, and easy to move as possible.

Are you working in a sterile area?

If you’re looking for a trolley that is suitable for use in a hospital, stainless steel trolleys are often a good choice as they are easier to clean. Some plastic trolleys can be prone to accumulating dirt and bacteria in their many nooks and crannies.

Is there a lack of storage space?

The size of the trolley is also a consideration, because although you might need it to hold a lot of items, you don’t want it taking up too much room when it’s being stored.

Do you need a customisable trolley?

A trolley is easier to use and more efficient if it has separate sections used for cleaning, recycling, and storage, and many manufacturers now offer several different combinations where customers can create their own trolleys, depending on their needs.

The perfect trolley for specific sectors

Hospital environments

Trolleys should ideally be made from easily disinfected stainless steel, though antibacterial plastic is also acceptable.

Schools and supermarkets

Separate compartments would be needed for clean and dirty items, like cloths and replacement mop heads. A separate compartment for refuse, complete with a lid would also be very useful.


Waste and recycling compartments would be useful for collecting rubbish from waste paper bins.

Our 3 Shelf Trolley with Accessories

If you are looking for a portable workstation for janitors, cleaners, mechanics, or warehouse operatives, this 3 Shelf Trolley with Accessories could be just what you need. It’s manufactured to the highest standards, and has robust aluminium uprights, ribbed plastic shelves, integrated push/pull handles at both ends, and it comes with 3 plastic trays and 2 plastic side bins for all of your cleaning essentials.

It’s easily manoeuvrable with its swivel castor wheels, and it moves effortlessly across all types of floor surface. It’s an excellent piece of high-quality kit that’s built to last and priced to suit your budget.