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Keep Your Classroom Organised With a Book Trolley

March 23, 2019

Keep Your Classroom Organised With a Book Trolley

If you’re a teacher and you mainly teach young children, the chances are you’ll have a story corner or library in the classroom. When everything’s organised it can look very inviting, but when it comes to kids and books, or kids and anything, really, it can be hard to keep things in order.

How to organise your story corner/library

Think about how to organise the books

Would it be easier for pupils to find books if they were organised by author or by topic? Organising alphabetically by author can help kids learn the alphabet and spelling, and organising by topic makes it easier for them to find a book they’ll be interested in

Show your pupils where to put books when they have finished with them

You’re a teacher, but you might feel like a surrogate parent at times, always clearing things away after the kids. Avoid this by finding a way to show them where the books belong, whether that’s with coloured stickers to indicate a particular genre or by labelling shelves in sections.

How will you display the books?

Will you use a standard bookcase or shelves, or choose a mobile book trolley that doubles up as storage and as an easy way to move books from one classroom to another if necessary?

Okay, so your books are organised-how are you going to keep them that way?

It can be tough to keep things organised with a class full of kids who leave books lying around or put them in their desk and forget about them, so here are some tips to keep your books organised for the entire term and beyond.

  • When pupils have finished with their books, ask them to return them to the book trolley, so you can easily organise them, or put them back on the shelf.
  • Even better, designate the job of ‘librarian’ to a different pupil each week. It will be their job to collect books and put them back on the trolley or organise them on the shelf.

Why not invest in a book trolley?

Our premium quality Book Trolley is a great investment for nurseries, schools, universities, and office environments where lots of books and document files are transported and stored on a regular basis. This model is made in the UK from robust steel and has six angled sheet steel shelves to prevent books and files from falling during transit. This trolley is available in four different colours and has a generous load capacity of 250kg.




Another excellent option for libraries, schools, offices, and universities, this versatile Book Trolley makes it easy to store and transport facilitate books, files, and documents. This trolley is made in the UK and it has a load capacity of 150kg. It can be bought as a single-sided or double-sided trolley, with 2 or 3 shelf tiers. It will work well in schools because it comes in red, blue, green, and yellow so it’s sure to complement any classroom.