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Industry Focus – Hospitality and Catering Industry

April 24, 2017

Trolleys Industry Focus:

The hospitality and catering industry

When you think of trolleys, you might automatically think of them being used in warehouses, but in fact, they come in very handy in a number of different industries.

Hospitality and catering are areas where trolleys have an essential part to play in the everyday running of a hotel, guest house, restaurant, or kitchen. They help employees to carry out their day to day tasks in a safe and effective way manner.

tray-trolleyHotel and guest houses

Trollies are a way of moving goods around securely, safely, and efficiently, and they make it much easier for staff to do their jobs. A good example would be when housekeeping staff need to collect laundry and service rooms. Trolleys also need to look good, and a variety of trolleys in all shapes and sizes are used to help with the many varied tasks involved in the day to day running of a hotel.

Essential functions of trolleys in a hotel

Moving items between all the different areas of the building

Trolleys are the safest and most efficient way to do this. If the staff are able to do their jobs more efficiently, the hotel operations will run much more smoothly.

They help staff to carry out duties safely

Having the correct trolley for the job will reduce the risk of staff injury. Staff injuries can be costly to an employer, as they result in sickness absence and a possible increase in insurance premiums.

They have to look the part

Any trolleys that are going to be front of house or that are visible to guests have to look the part. First impressions count in the hospitality industry. If a hotel is using shoddy outdated equipment, what impression does that give of them and their service?

They should be high quality and functional

As well as looking the part, the trolley must be suited to the function it has to perform. The main thing is it should move easily over the terrain it’s used on, be that carpets, paving, or footpaths. This means that they should have quality castors and be sturdy enough to handle loads, yet be completely manoeuvrable for the staff who are using them.

A trolley for every need

Every trolley used should meet a specific need and it should be built to meet that need.

Housekeeping trolleys

Housekeeping trolleys need to have enough space to store all of the items that are needed for servicing a guest room. These are seen by guests so they need to be in good repair. They might also need to be secure if they are being used to fill a minibar up etc.trolley

Back of house trolleys

Back of house trolleys need to be functional and have plenty of compartments for moving and storing equipment and all necessary items, though they don’t need to look as stylish as trolleys that might be seen by guests.

Food service trolleys

These trolleys are usually stainless steel, which is the most appropriate when you take into account the need to meet strict standards required of modern commercial kitchens.

Laundry trolleys

Laundry trolleys are needed for moving large quantities of soiled and clean linen. They should be easy to clean, easy to push and easy to manoeuvre.


Most kitchen trolleys are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is very durable, but aside from this, it has other qualities which make it perfect for the industry.

Its strong and heat resistant

Stainless steel is strong, yet flexible. It also has the capacity to resist high heat. This makes it a perfect choice for a kitchen with hot ovens and hot plates.

It is resistant to rust

There is a caveat to this, however. Stainless steel will not rust IF it is properly cared for. Stainless steel is coated with a layer of chromium which protects it from scratches and nicks, and it will be less likely to rust, if it’s treated with respect.

It’s easy to keep clean

Professional kitchens have to adhere to strict hygiene standards. Stainless steel is durable enough to withstand being cleaned with strong chemicals. It’s resistance to damage make sure that it doesn’t crack, and germs and bacteria won’t build up in any nooks or crannies.