The Industrial Truck and Trolley Superstars

If you work in any industrial environment, you will know how busy it can be from day to day. Different tasks require the use of the appropriate equipment to ensure that you can carry out tasks not just efficiently, but also safely.

We’ve compiled a list of the trucks and trolleys that will see you through almost every job you can think of.

Sack Trucks

These are essential in any industrial environment. They allow you to transport items around that would otherwise be too heavy to move around. Whether you need to move boxes or load lorries, a sack truck is all you need for the job.

Things to think about:

What is the weight capacity?

The truck needs to be able to handle the loads you want to move around.

Is the toe plate an appropriate size?

The plate needs to be large enough to support whatever you need to carry.

What type of wheels does it have?

If you need to move the truck over uneven ground, or you need non-marking wheels, check that the model you want to purchase will fit these requirements.

Is it ergonomically designed?

Truck handles should be adjustable and comfortable to make for easy handling for staff who might be using them for long periods of time. A lot of sack trucks have knuckle protectors which make for more comfortable handling.

Do you need a truck that folds away for easy transport or storage?

If you need a sack truck, but you don’t use it very often, or you have limited space, a folding sack truck is a good choice.

Try this truck:

Our Sack Truck features two nylon wheels for easy manoeuvrability, and it comes with a large folding toe plate that can be secured against the frame for easy storage and transportation. This model has knuckle guards to protect the hands from bumps and bruises. This is a good choice if you need to move bulky items regularly, and it has a capacity of 250kg.


Platform Trolleys

These are very useful for loading and unloading deliveries, and for pretty much any task where you need to move goods around.

Things to think about:

What capacity can it handle and what size is the platform?

You need to know whether it’s suitable for the size and weight of what you’re going to be loading onto it.

Is it manoeuvrable?

Many models have 2 fixed wheels, and 2 that swivel to make the trolley easier to manoeuvre.

What is it made from?

Depending on what you’re moving, you might want a truck with a non-slip platform. Also think about whether it needs to be resistant to corrosion.

Does it need to be able to fold up?

If you don’t have a lot of available space, or you’ll only be using it every now and again, invest in a trolley that folds for easy storage.

Try this truck:

Our stainless steel platform trolley is great for use in warehouses and workshops where heavy and bulky items are moved around on a regular basis. This trolley has a sturdy stainless-steel platform, which can handle loads of up to 400kg. It also has 2 fixed wheels and 2 wheels that swivel so that the trolley is easier to manoeuvre.


Picking Trolleys

If you have a high volume of products to pick from your warehouse, you need a piece of equipment that makes your job as efficient and as safe as possible.

Things to think about:

Can the trolley fit down the aisles in the warehouse?

If it’s too wide or cumbersome, it won’t work.

Is it ergonomically designed?

Does it have ergonomic handles, and is it adjustable enough so that staff don’t have to bend excessively?

Is it durable?

Choose a trolley that is suited to the conditions in the warehouse, and that the wheels will work on the terrain.

Try this truck:

Our Heavy-Duty Order Picking Trolley makes warehouse logistics a breeze. It’s made from powder coated steel, has 4 trays, a built-in step ladder, and 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel castors to make it easy to manoeuvre. It locks in place when the ladder is in use, and it can handle loads of up to 400kg.




Roll Containers

These are useful for loading stock from your warehouse for shipping out. They can usually hold a lot of items, they can be moved easily, and can be secured in a lorry.

Things to think about:

What is its capacity?

It should be able to handle the goods you want to move.

Do you need shelves?

You can usually buy extra shelving to add to the container. Think about whether this is a necessity for you.

Can it fold away?

You might not need to use all your roll containers at once, so if they fold away it can save space.

Can it be locked?

You need to keep goods secure, and some products comes with locks.

Try this:

Our Heavy Duty Rolcontainer is fully foldable for storage and transportation when it’s not in use, and it’s an excellent choice for distribution centres and large retail outlets that need to move a lot of items on a daily basis. It’s made from tubular steel, and it has a heavy-duty steel platform, and 4 castor wheels to improve manoeuvrability in areas where space might be an issue. It can hold loads of up to 600kg.


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