Industrial Trailers Made Easy

Lifting and transporting loads is a necessary task in any workplace. When efficiency and safety is important, and space is at a premium, you need the right equipment to help you complete tasks that involve materials handling. Here at Trucks and Trolleys, we have just what you need. Our industrial trucks and trailers will help make moving heavy goods a breeze. Here’s our guide to the industrial trucks and trailers that you need.

General industrial trailers

These trailers are for you if you need to move heavy goods on a regular basis. They’re made from the highest-grade steel, and come with robust plywood platforms that can take loads of up to 1000kg. This trailer is made in the UK, and it comes with an impressive list of safety features. It has a stop drawbar that prevents the bar from dropping below 230mm, strong king-pins with spring-loaded retaining balls to prevent the trailer from self-releasing, and a built-in lock, which secures the drawbar when the trailer is not moving. This model comes with cushion or pneumatic wheels, and without or without panels at the ends and sides, so it can be adapted to whatever goods you need to move. We can also add a towing hitch and parking brakes if required.

Heavy duty industrial trailers

This trailer is available in 2 different designs, and it’s perfect for working environments where heavy and bulky goods need to be moved throughout the day. This UK made trailer is made from the most robust materials and its safety features are second to none. The drawbar stop prevents the bar from dropping too far, a lock keeps the bar in place when the trailer is not moving, and heavy duty king-pins will help you to tow the trailer safely and prevent it from self-releasing.

Mini basket turntable truck

This is an excellent choice for schools, universities, garages, warehouses, and shops, and it helps with the moving and handling of heavy boxes and bulky items. It’s made in the UK from the best quality materials. Its epoxy powder-coated frame makes it sturdy and durable, and a push-pull bar handle makes it easy to manoeuvre, as does its greased turntable plate. The 4 non-skid wheels makes moving the truck across concrete, tiles, and wooden floors easy. The basket can be used for smaller items and it’s removable for the transportation of larger loads.

Mini wooden box turntable truck

This truck is suitable for home and commercial use, and it’s great for moving heavy loads in schools, offices, and workshops. It’s made in the UK, has durable steel framework, a greased turntable plate to make for easier manoeuvring, a T-bar handle which makes it easy to move in any direction, and non-slip wheels that will glide across floor surfaces, even when the truck is at full capacity.

If you need to move boxes, stationery, and similar items, this truck is for you. It has a load capacity of 150kg and the box is available in 2 heights, so it can be adapted to whatever you need to move. This truck is compact and easy to store so it won’t take up precious space.

Turntable trailer with drop side panels

This trailer is made in the UK from the highest quality materials. It’s the piece of kit for you if your workplace moves heavy loads during the day. This versatile trailer is customisable for your workplace. It’s available in 3 different sizes, and we can fit a T bar handle rather than a looped handle if that would suit you better.

This is the perfect truck for heavy jobs. It has steel load retaining panels, removable end panels, and side panels that drop down to turn it into a basic platform truck. It’s up to you whether you want pneumatic or solid wheels, which will help the trailer to glide across the floor even when it’s carrying its maximum load.

Turntable trailer with tubular supports

This trailer is strong, built to last, and can be customised to suit any working environment. This UK made trailer is made from tubular steel and has reinforced panels to stop unstable loads from moving when they’re transported. The built-in loop handle allows the trailer to be easily pushed or pulled in any direction.

The trailer has removable side panels for easy loading, and it comes in 3 different sizes, to suit any workplace. Create the perfect trolley for you with your choice of wheels and deck.

Tow truck

This truck is welded for maximum stability and strength, even when it’s loaded to its full 750kg capacity. This truck is a great choice for workplaces such as warehouses, factories, and garages, where heavy loads need to be moved on a regular basis.

This UK made truck has strong tubular steel framework, a tough plywood deck, 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel castors to make it easy to manoeuvre, and add to that the option to fit a towing hitch and tow bar which allows the truck to be moved with minimum effort.