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How Your Business Can Do Its Bit in the War Against Plastic

September 19, 2019

We all have our part to play when it comes to tackling the problem of plastic waste. But while every little helps, businesses can make an impact in a much bigger way, and with current estimates suggesting that global plastic production is set to double over the next 20 years, this is more important than ever. So what can your business do reduce plastic usage? Here are our top tips.

Organise a litter pick

Getting involved in a litter pick is a good way to hammer home the extent of the plastic litter problem, especially single use plastics and polystyrene. It’s also a great chance for you and your colleagues to do something meaningful in the area where your business is based.

Ditch plastic water bottles

Single-use plastic bottles make up a huge proportion of the plastic waste that ends up blighting our beaches, streets, and green spaces. Do your bit by installing a filtered water cooler in your workplace, and promote the use of reusable bottles.

Remove as many single-use items as possible

Get rid of disposable plastic cutlery, plates, and cups from your staff kitchens and canteens. Encourage staff to bring their own or provide washable and reusable kitchenware. 

Reduce plastic when you have a brew

Buy milk in reusable glass bottles or in a recyclable container, opt for loose leaf tea or tea bags that don’t contain plastic (surprisingly, many tea bags do!), and invest in stainless steel pods for your coffee machine. And when it comes to cups, don’t use disposable ones-that should go without saying.

When it comes to giving gifts, make them eco-friendly

A good idea for staff gifts or freebies is to give them some branded reusable water bottles or coffee cups. This is both a nice gesture and a way of encouraging good habits.

Brainstorm ways to reduce plastic

In your next team meeting, take some time to ask people to come up with some ideas on how the business can reduce plastic usage. Come up with an action plan for how you’ll implement the best ideas.

Talk to suppliers about using less plastic packaging

Talk or write to your suppliers and tell them that you are looking to reduce the amount of plastic your business uses. Ask them if in future, plastic packaging can be kept to a minimum, and ask if they can use more easily recyclable cardboard, and less hard to recycle materials like polystyrene. This will cut your waste disposal costs and your good intentions might inspire other businesses to follow suit.

Buy more items made from recycled materials

We are proud to sell items made from 100% recycled polyethylene, and many of our products are British made which reduces the impact of having to ship goods long distance.

When it comes to reducing plastic usage in your business, it’s not about being 100% perfect. It might be unavoidable that you have to use some plastic, but the thing is to change the way you see it. Plastic is a valuable commodity, not something to just be thrown away. If more individuals and businesses comes to realise this, we can turn the tide against plastic.