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August 7, 2017

The History of the Sack Truck

A sack truck is a rather unassuming piece of equipment. It isn’t glamorous but it’s there to do a job, and boy does it do it well. Here’s all you need to know about the unsung hero of many warehouses.

You might see a sack truck referred to as a dolly, a hand truck, a sack barrow, or a box cart. The truck is a distinctive L shape and it’s pretty much a lever which is ideal for moving heavy objects. To move a load, you just need to tilt the object and slide the plate under it. There are wheels at its base and handles on top.

What are they used for?

You will see the versatile trucks in manufacturing and industry, especially in warehouses. They are also useful for moving stock and deliveries in bars and restaurants, and at train stations and airports to move luggage.

What are they made from?

Lots of different materials are put to use to make sack trucks. This can be anything from high impact plastics, to tube steel, and aluminium steel. A powder-coated steel frame can improve the quality of the truck and can make it more durable.

Sack truck wheels are usually pneumatic rubber tires. Some trucks may also have ball bearing hubs, which act as shock absorbers to make for smoother and easier operation.

Sack trucks with wheel protectors can make the handling and manoeuvring of goods easier. The better quality the truck’s wheels are, the more different kinds of terrain it can be used on.

The size of a sack truck can vary from model to model. Some are specially designed to carry larger goods, which means that their toe plate will be longer. The thickness of the toe plate can also determine the weight of goods that can be lifted. Most sack trucks have a maximum weight capacity, and generally, the thicker the toe plate, the heavier load the truck can carry.

Some sack trucks have a folding design, which makes for easy storage, which comes in handy where there is limited storage space.

Some sack trucks have stair climber wheels, which allow for the easy movement of goods up and down steps and stairs. Removal companies often use this type of sack truck

The history of the sack truck

Sack trucks were first used on docksides where they were used to move large sacks of goods such as imported spices. Because they removed the need for heavy lifting, boys as young as 10 were able to do the same jobs as men. They were also used by the women in factories during the war, and they made most jobs safer, easier to do, and much more efficient.

The trolleys also became popular in other industries such as beer production, where heavy sacks of hops and barley had to be moved around.

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