Whether you’re moving home or you need to move heavy or awkwardly shaped goods in the workplace, you need a bit of help. Hand trolleys help you get the job done easier and quicker. Oh, and they’ll save your back!

Hand Trolleys for Every Purpose

Okay, so you’ve decided you need a little help in the moving and handling department. How do you choose the right-hand trolley for your needs? Well, it depends on what you need to move and in what kind of environment. Here’s our guide that will suit every purpose.

Hand Truck Trolleys

You might know these better as sack trucks. These handy bits of kit are a godsend for any warehouse worker, delivery driver, or anyone who needs to move heavy goods. Whatever you’re moving, these trucks will take the stress and strain out of moving and handling.

The great thing about these hand trolleys is they are suitable for all different types of industries, from corporate offices to manufacturing.

Their different designs mean you’ll find a trolley that meets your specific needs. For example:

  • Need to negotiate stairs on the way? Invest in a stair climber truck.
  • Want a trolley that will help you move bulky items like white goods? Get yourself a white goods sack truck.

There are hand trolleys out there for pretty much any job you can imagine. Don’t believe us? Check out our range. 

Heavy Duty Hand Trolleys

If you need to move heavier loads, you need a more robust trolley. Heavy duty hand trolleys are made for use in demanding work areas like factories, warehouse, and agriculture.

What makes them heavy duty? Features like pneumatic wheels that glide over even rough terrain. A tough steel construction. A load capacity of up to 350kg. Long story short, these hand trolleys help you get the job done.

Need to move loads over rough terrain? A heavy-duty rough terrain sack truck is just the ticket.

Want a heavy-duty truck that doesn’t take up too much space? There are some great folding options.

Platform Hand Trolleys

Need to move bulky loads on a daily basis? Platform trolleys are great for moving awkward goods, especially if you need to travel a fair old distance.  From heavy boxes to steel drums, and other bulky loads, platform trolleys make moving heavy goods a whole lot easier.

Want to move boxes around the office? A plywood platform trolley is a perfect choice.

Need to move multiple boxes around a space-restricted warehouse? Our heavy-duty platform trolley can be stacked 5 high. 

Transform the Way You Move Goods

If you need to move heavy goods on a regular basis, there’s a hand trolley to meet every need. Want some advice on the trolley you need for your home or business? Our friendly expert sales team are only a message away!

For more information and advice about trucks, trolleys, and safer manual handling, check out the rest of our blog.