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November 5, 2019

For specialised pallet work, you need a specialist pallet truck. In this blog, we’re featuring two of our specialist trucks which are designed to help you tackle your most demanding pallet jobs with ease.

Introducing the Long Pallet Jack

If you need to lift large, unusual, or heavy loads, then the long pallet jack is an ideal choice, and it will make your job easier and much more efficient.

A long pallet jack is perfect for warehouses, factories, DIY superstores, and any other environment where heavy boxes, materials, or other items need to be move from one location to another throughout the day. Long pallet jacks are easy to use and will revolutionise manual handling in your business.

Our Long Pallet Jack

This essential piece of kit is available in a variety of different sizes to complement every workplace. The Long Fork Pallet Truck is ideal for industrial locations where larger pallets and double pallets are regularly transported. It’s manufactured from durable materials, it features a rubber gripped handle for comfort, a 3-position trigger for ease of use, and solid nylon wheels to ensure a smooth ride across all concrete floor surfaces and even terrains.

It has a generous total load capacity of 2000kg, and it’s suitable for daily use in the most demanding working environments. Move heavy loads with minimal effort, speed up your operations, and reduce the risk of manual handling accidents and injuries. You’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Product details

Delivery in 7-10 working days

Raised fork height-200mm

Lowered height-85mm

Load capacity 200kg

Introducing the Low Profile Pallet Truck

A Low Profile Pallet Truck is a compact yet durable truck for lifting and moving pallets in cases where a standard pallet truck would not fit. The dimensions of the forks make the truck easy to move in areas where other trucks would be too long. While this truck has low profile in its name, it’s actually a bit of a show-off; it can still handle 1500kg and it reaches the parts other pallet trucks can’t!

A low profile pallet truck can be used in a range of working environments, but it’s especially useful in stores and outdoors. It’s adept at transporting boxes and loading items from low pallets.

If you want to make your work operations easier and more efficient, this pallet truck is for you. It’s easy to use and a convenient option, especially if you work with low pallets and stillages, or where you’re struggling to find a pallet truck that will fit into restricted spaces.

Our Low Profile Pallet Truck

This truck is designed for use in areas where a traditional pallet truck would be too big. Our Low-Profile Pallet Truck is perfect for handling low pallets and stillages. It’s made from top quality materials, it features an ergonomic handle with an integrated braking mechanism, red polyurethane front rollers and wheels for improved manoeuvrability, and it meets the latest European GS Standard for safety.

It’s a perfect choice for warehouses, storage facilities, and loading areas. It’s easy to operate, requires minimal maintenance, and it has a total load capacity of 1500kg.

Product details

Delivery in 7 – 10 working days.

Fork width 160 mm

Raised height of forks 165 mm

Lowered height of forks 51 mm

Load capacity 1500 kg

Our specialist pallet trucks collection

In the Trucks & Trolleys Specialist Pallet Trucks Collection, you’ll find a selection of forklift models for specialised pallet work such as long fork pallet trucks, low profile pallet trucks, narrow aisle pallet trucks, reel handling pallet trucks, printers pallet trucks, and rough terrain pallet trucks.

Designed for demanding material handling applications, our Specialist Pallet Trucks are ideal for transporting irregular loads such as half-size pallets, cable drums, reels, horizontal loads, and agricultural machinery across rough terrains.

Perfect for operations in confined areas such as supermarkets, retail outlets, schools, smaller warehouses, and on-board delivery vehicles, our Specialist Pallet Trucks are easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces thanks to their fingertip controls, and they glide with minimal effort for optimal stability and safety. Browse our collection and revolutionise your business with a specialist pallet truck that really meets your needs.

For more information and advice on choosing your perfect pallet truck, contact our friendly sales team on 01684 252212 or at [email protected]