If you’re a delivery driver or you work for a removal company, you’ll know how awkward it can be to move furniture. Whether it’s bulky white goods or heavy items of furniture, you need the right piece of kit for the job. Don’t put your back at risk, invest in some quality furniture movers.

What furniture mover are there?

Furniture Dolly

If you’re a delivery driver who delivers furniture and white goods, you need a furniture dolly. They’re durable and covered with carpet so goods won’t slip. They have a generous load capacity, and swivel castors help them glide across any surface.  Once you’ve done the job, the dolly fits nicely in your van. Heavy lifting? No sweat with these small but mighty furniture movers.

Heavy Duty Furniture Mover: The Platform Trolley

Moving furniture or boxes around the workplace? A heavy-duty platform trolley might just be your BFF. As you can guess by the name, these trolleys are super strong and they make light work of heavy lifting. The bonus with these trolleys is that you can stack them on top of each other. This means you get to save precious floor space.

Rolling Corner Dollies

Moving home can be stressful. Why not take the stress out of moving all your furniture by investing in some rolling corner dollies? Trying to work out how to move that bulky box or awkward bedside cabinet? It’s easy with these furniture movers. 

Rolling corner dollies are durable and they glide easily across lots of different surfaces. They also won’t take up a lot of space when you’re done with them. Just stack them in the garage or pop them in your car boot ready for next time.

Furniture Mover for Moving LOTS of furniture: Chair and Table Trolleys

These are a must if you work in a school or you work in events and you have to set up for weddings or meetings. It’s not very efficient to try and carry multiple chairs and tables at once. Not to mention, your back won’t like it either!

Chair and table trolleys are a much better solution. You can move up to 40 chairs at once with our Chair Transport Trolley. It’s easy to manoeuvre and it removes the need for heavy lifting. You could set up for the school assembly or wedding reception in minutes. As furniture movers go, these are a little bit of magic.

For tables, our Universal Table Trolley will save you time and effort. Move tables from A to B safely and securely, rather than going old school and trying to do it all yourself. The trolley is easy to move even when it’s at full capacity.

We love things that make our lives easier. If you have to move furniture on a daily basis, investing in furniture movers is a no-brainer. Your back will thank you! For more articles and advice on all things trucks and trolleys, check out the rest of our blog