How an Ergonomic Workplace Means Healthy Employees and Healthy Profits

How an Ergonomic Workplace Means Healthy Employees and Healthy Profits

If you’re a business owner, you’ll know that a healthy workforce means a healthy company and healthy profits. While sickness and injuries do happen, you’d rather that your employees didn’t get sick because of something that happened at work. This costs you time and money in the form of lost work days, sick pay, and reduced productivity.

Many accidents and injuries at work could be avoided by setting up workstations better and providing employees with equipment that pays more attention to ergonomics. Surely investing in a manual handling aid is better than asking people to lift heavy loads all day long!

Think about planning work tasks and equipment needs around the people who use them, and you’ll reap the benefits. Here’s how:

It will reduce your costs: Making your workplace more ergonomic by considering how it is set up and the equipment that employees have access to will save you money. The risk of staff injury will be lower, and this means that you’ll be paying out less sick pay and losing less money due to lost working days. Consider the fact that millions of working days are lost each year because of musculoskeletal problems and you’ll see how much you can save.


It will boost productivity: When a workplace is not designed well, it makes tasks more difficult, and if employees don’t have access to the equipment they need to make things easier, they’ll be slower and will tire more easily. This all equates to lower productivity. Try thinking about the layout of your workplace-are the things employees need in easy reach? Just a little reorganisation can increase efficiency and boost your profits.

You’ll serve your customers better: In an efficient workplace, there’s less chance of errors occurring and this means that your customers will be getting a better service and a better quality product.

Your staff will be happier: If you show staff that you are concerned about their safety and wellbeing at work, it will make them feel more engaged and motivated to do a good job. It’s also an opportunity to listen to feedback from staff about where they think inefficiencies are and what equipment they need to make their jobs easier.

Health and safety will improve: Making a workplace more ergonomic automatically makes it safer. It reduces the risk of injury, improves the way that tasks are carried out, and shows that you’re committed to health and safety.

How can we help your workplace become more ergonomic?

Much of our range at trucks and trolleys is ergonomically designed so that you and your employees have peace of mind that work tasks can be made easier, safer, and more efficient.