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Dealing with Awkward and Heavy Goods When You Move House

May 9, 2018

Dealing with Awkward and Heavy Goods When You Move House  

The logistics of moving to a new house can be a headache, and aside from the sheer amount of stuff you have to pack, there’s the issue of how you’re going to deal with moving heavy, awkward, and bulky items. Here are some tips on how to make the move to your new home go a bit more smoothly.

Talk to your removal company

Tell them about any large or awkward items that might cause problems. This means that they’ll be able to make sure they’re full-equipped with the equipment to dismantle things if need be.

Moving Electrical goods

Make sure you tie all cables and leads up with cable ties or packing tape, so they aren’t a trip hazard. Pack the item in its original box if you have it, but if not, pack it in a strong box with bubble wrap or similar to cushion it against damage.

Moving a large flat screen TV

Ideally, put the TV in its original packaging. If you don’t have it, use a strong box and tape it up well. Label the box fragile so that the removal company go extra carefully.

Moving computers

It’s best to transport it in its original packaging. Tie and label all the cables, and if necessary, take a photo of the back of it so you know where to reinsert all the cables when you need to reconnect it.

Moving Furniture

Moving a sofa

Sofas can be a nightmare to move as they can be heavy and bulky, and they can mark the walls as you lift them through narrow passageways. A good removal company will have the skill and experience to know if they need to dismantle your sofa without causing any damage. If a sofa is too large to get in or out of a property, windows or door frames might have to be removed.

Moving wardrobes

It may be easier to dismantle your wardrobe to make it easier to move. Check with your removal company too, as they might offer this service for a fee. Store any clothes in suitcases and holdalls or put bin liners or suit covers over garments you want to protect.

Moving a bed

The mattress must be removed and propped against a wall while you dismantle the bed frame. Some removal companies may also do this for you. If you’re doing it yourself, make sure you keep the nuts, bolts, and screws together in a labelled bag, so you can find it again when you need to reassemble the bed. It’s a good idea to cover the mattress in a plastic sheet so it doesn’t get marked in transit.

White goods

White goods are heavy and usually difficult to manoeuvre. People often leave them behind when they move to a new house, but if you’re taking yours, here are some handy tips.

Moving a fridge freezer

Before you move, try to use up everything you have in the freezer, so you don’t have to waste food.

You’ll have to defrost the fridge freezer. Here’s how to do it:

  • Remove the food that’s left
  • Turn the power off, leave the door open and put old towels on the floor
  • Once all the ice has melted, clean the drawers and put them back in place
  • Clean the glass shelves, remove them and make sure these are transported separately
  • Leave the door open to prevent mould

It’s a good idea to tape the doors shut with masking tape when you move the appliance.

Moving a dishwasher, washing machine, or tumble dryer

These are also heavy appliances. They should be transported upright. Arrange for your appliances to be plumbed in when they reach your new property if necessary.

Moving an oven

Don’t try to disconnect an oven yourself, particularly if it’s a gas oven. You need to hire a qualified engineer. Before it’s moved, clean the oven and remove any items that might fall off and store them in a separate box.

Why not use a white goods sack truck?

You might see removal men using sack trucks to move heavy or bulky white goods, and they’re a favourite with delivery men too if you’re getting new good delivered to your new home. If you’re brave and you do the removal yourself, you should consider purchasing one of our robust high-quality white goods sack trucks.

They come with a choice of either pneumatic or cushion roller bearing wheels, and they’re made from heavy duty steel with plastic tubing to protect goods from damage. They can carry a 250kg load, yet they weigh a maximum of 14kg, so they make light work of moving heavy goods.