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Why a container trolley will help with your DIY

April 8, 2021
Container Trolley

DIY doesn’t need to be hard, but too many times it is harder than it needs to be. DIY is portrayed as such an easy thing to do whereas so often you are left wishing that you had just bitten the bullet and called a professional to do it. From injuries to arguments, DIY can be at the heart of all of them. Although a container trolley doesn’t completely fix all of these problems, it will make your life easier and hopefully happier!

Easy to move around with you

As it is on wheels it doesn’t matter if you are inside or outside, you can take it with you. How often have you had to stop what you are doing because you miscounted how many nails you needed or been one bolt short? Dropping your tools because the picture you are hanging needed an extra nail. Well by using a container tray you can bring it all with you and as it is all on wheels it can always be within reach. As well, because you can remove each unit you can bring them to where ever you are working, even up high or down low!

Holds a great number of items 

How many types of screws do you have and how do you keep them separate from each other? With the amount of storage, a container trollery gives you, this will be a thing of the past. You can choose a huge range of different size trolleys which will mean you can keep small screws away from medium or large ones and means you can find them with ease!

Help reduce your back pain

Constant bending down and getting up again can cause intense back pain and many more issues. Whereas getting into a hot bath can help when you’ve finished, reducing the amount you bend down and have to get up can help massively. As the individual units can be removed and taken to the exact location of the work you are doing and kept at the height you are working, you can stop having to crouch and stretch as much and help your back in the long term.

Speed up the time to do a job

Some DIY projects can be quick and easy, putting up a clock is the one that springs to mind. However, if you are trying to do a bigger job like building a raised flower bed or a flat-pack wardrobe having all your tools within easy reach can speed up the work. As it is on wheels you can bring it to you and take it to another area of the room with ease.

How to get one

Container trolleys can be different sizes to suit your needs and are a great addition to schools, libraries, workshops and even homes. To examine our range all you need to do is click here