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May 17, 2018

Why Your Business Needs a Lift Table

A lift table is a platform or table that can be raised or lowered to a desired height. It’s a very useful piece of kit to have for businesses where heavy goods need to be lifted on a daily basis. Equipment like this virtually eliminates the possibility that employees will sustain an injury while trying to lift awkward, heavy, and bulky objects.

What does a lift table consist of?

A base frame

The base frame supports the whole lift table. It’s strong and stable and is usually designed to be placed directly on a floor but it can also be fitted with wheels or castors.


Lift table scissors allow the table to move vertically and stay level, while supporting the platform. The scissor legs are connected by shafts at the central pivot points and at the upper and lower hinged ends.

A platform

The platform will be a compatible size for the lift table. It should never be smaller than the lift table, though it can be larger. Platforms come with turntables, tilt tops, or other required fixtures.

A power pack

This consists of an electric motor, a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic tank, a cylinder, pipes, valves, and a control system. When the lift table is activated, the pump moves fluid from the hydraulic tank into the cylinders so the piston shaft moves. The piston shaft is linked to the legs of the platform so it drives them to move, lifting the platform.

A control unit

The control unit will either by operated by a button or by a foot control.

Why invest in a lift table?

It provides a stable platform

Unlike some other lifting equipment like lifts or cranes, lift tables provide a stable platform for lifting materials and lowering them carefully. There’s less chance of accidentally dropping a heavy item and less danger of loads swinging around and causing injury and damage.

Easy height adjustment

A lift table can move up to any desired height until you are ready to lower the platform.

It’s manoeuvrable

Lift tables are available with wheels and castors so they can be easily moved to where they are needed.

There’s not much need for maintenance

Lift tables are robust and reliable machines which need minimal maintenance and will provide many years of service.